Everything About Yokohama Chicken Breed

Yokohama chicken breeds are simply gorgeous and beautiful. It has a living sculpture that you can never afford keeping in your yard.

The sheer elegance of the breed can make the flocks in your backyard to appear amazing since the coloring of the breed is so outstanding.

I know you got this by chance but it is worth knowing about these breeds of chicken. 

If you have been planning to raise Yokohama breed of chicken then nod your head to get facts right about them.

In this post, you will get to know the history and origin of the chicken breed, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are loved by so many people across the world.

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Let’s get started here…

History & Origin of Yokohama Chicken Breed

Yokohama breed was developed in the 19th century in Germany and it was crossbreed with long-tail Japanese chickens in order to bring out the different coloring varieties.

The breed was first imported to Europe through Yokohama port where further breeding research was undertaken. The breed is typically known for exhibition and ornamental.

In 1981, the experts in the united stated agreed to admit the chicken in the American Poultry Association. In recent days, the breed has become endangered globally.

The good news is that I have been keeping the breed on my farm for a couple of years now and a big thanks to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Characteristics of Yokohama Chicken

Production Rate

The breed of chickens is not great layers since they typically lay a few eggs and go broody immediately. The body weight and size make them also to be poor meat production breeds in the world. However, the general appearance makes them be kept as pets.


Yokohama breeds are tamed meaning they are quiet, friendly and docile. The chickens are easily be handled and managed. They are suitable as backyard chicken.

Size and Weight

The chickens are generally small and this is why they are known for being pretty pets. The standard male chicken weighs about 2kg and female 1.6kg. Bantam roosters weigh 0.75kg and hens 0.625kg.


The birds have long tail feathers with a small upright stance. They have red shoulders and breasts while the other parts of the body are covered with white feathers. Yokohama breeds have a walnut comb with red earlobes and slate legs.

Reasons to Love Yokohama Breed


The birds have beautiful and attractive feathers. This is what makes them be attractive to many folks in Europe. These birds are typically kept for the purpose of being ornamental.

Robust Breed

The birds have wild game genes that make them be hardy and give them the ability to survive in hardy climate conditions. The birds can do well in both cold and warm climates.

Calm and Friendly

Yokohama in nature is known to be docile and friendly. Many people love the breed since they can be handled and maintain easily by anyone at home. The calmness makes them be the best breed for a lap.

Health Issues and Special Needs

The breeds of chicken are hardy and robust. This makes them survive anywhere across the world. They have strong genes that make them withstand various poultry diseases.

There are no health complications so far that have been reported about the breed. However, they need special housing because of their long tails.


If you are an enthusiastic poultry keeper then this is the right breed of chicken for you in the backyard.

The chicken is docile and calm thus they can relate well with other flocks in the yard. They are quite affordable and robust breed to keep in the yard.

If you have these breed of chickens in your yard, kindly share with us the stories in the comment form below and we will appreciate it.

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