Irresistible Facts About Wyandotte Chickens

Wyandotte chickens are the oldest breeds in the United States of America. The breed of chicken is named after the Wyandot people in North America.

The bird is the most beautiful in the chicken breeds and it is also courageous. Many homesteaders in America love the breed since they are most reliable in producing both eggs and meat.

In this post, you will discover more information about the history and origin of Wyandotte’s chicken, physical characteristics, and reasons why they are loved by many people.

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Wyandotte Chickens Breed Information

The breed of chicken was created in the United States of America in the 1870s. The chicken breed got its name from the Wyandotte Nation. The chicken has no historical association with Wyandotte’s community.

Silver Laced Wyandotte is the original Wyandotte chicken that was accepted by the standards of perfection in 1883. The chicken was also referred to as the American Sebright or Sebright Cochin.

The breed resulted in the development of Gold-laced Wyandotte, White Wyandottes, and Black Wyandottes. These breeds were brought about through crossbreeding with dark Brahma and Silver Spangled Hamburg.

In the 1900s, the breed of chickens started becoming popular across the world and their prizes even shoot high. The breed is typically known for dual purposes.

Characteristics of Wyandotte Chickens


The birds have a large head with a rose comb. The general shape of the bird is rotund. The legs do not have feathers and they are yellow in color. The eyes are orange in color while the earlobes, face, and wattle is red.

The common varieties of Wyandotte breed include; Partridge, red, silver laced, silver penciled, blue partridge, buff, buff laced, barred, black, blue, blue laced, Colombian, gold-laced, partridge, and white.


Naturally, Wyandotte’s breeds are docile, calm and friendly. Unfortunately, they will tolerate being bullied by other flocks in the coop.

Their calmness behavior enables them to tolerate confinement but they do enjoy free-ranging within the backyard since they are great foragers.

The feathers of the breed are highly dense and this enables them to withstand cold weather during winter seasons. 

Egg Production Rate

The birds have the reputation of laying medium-sized brown eggs. The birds lay roughly 4-5 eggs per week. The breed is not highly susceptible to brooding but this depends on the strains of the chicken.

The hens are protective of their chicks and this makes them be good mothers. They have a tendency of ensuring the chicks grow to maturity without being killed by predators.

Size and Weight

The birds are large and heavy generally. The male Wyandotte chicken weighs about 8-9lb while the female counterparts around 6-7lb.

The male Wyandotte bantams weigh around 36oz and female Wyandotte’s bantams around 40oz. This is what makes these chickens suitable for both egg and meat production.

Reasons to Love Wyandotte Chickens

Attractive Breed

The bird has a pretty plumage that makes them stand out from other breeds of chicken. The color of the feathers and its patterns are stunning. The birds occur in several varieties and it is upon you to pick your favorite colors. This is the reason why so many folks love rearing the breed in their homestead.

Beautiful Eggs

The breed is a great layer and they lay an average of about 200 eggs per year. The eggs have pretty and very nutritious for your health. The birds have the ability to lay eggs during the cold months of the year unlike other breeds of chickens.

Good Mothers

The chickens hatch almost all eggs and they can raise the chicks carefully by protecting them. They are great foragers and this implies that they can feed the chicks with natural feeds. This will help to reduce the cost of caring and maintaining the chicks.

Easy Going Bird

The birds are calm and friendly. They will keep on following you once you step in the backyard with affectionate love. This is what makes many homesteaders fall in love with the breed of chickens. Calmness behavior enables them to be handled easily by even children and other family members.

Health Issues and Special Needs

Wyandotte is robust chickens in appearance and this makes them hardy. The birds are not easily affected by various health problems.

The rose comb is suitable for a cold climate and they cannot be affected with frostbites. I have kept this breed for some years and I can confirm that they are not easily affected by various poultry diseases.

The only thing that will make you be on watch out are the parasites that usually infest the dense feathers. Keep on monitoring them on a daily basis in order to identify any symptoms.


The breed of chickens occurs in different colors and you can pick the one that suits your tastes and preferences. The birds have a stunning appearance and this is the reason why many poultry keepers are fond of them.

What color of Wyandotte’s chickens do you keep on your farm? Kindly share it with us in the comment below. We will be glad to hear your stories about the breed of chicken.


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