What Do Quails Eat? Ultimate Guide For Feeding Quails

What do quails eat? Well, this is one of the common questions asked by novice breeders of quails. However, quails are hardy and productive birds on planet earth.

There are plenty of quail breeds around the world, and most people raise them for meat or egg production.

Therefore, you’re expected to take good care of them and also learn more about their behaviors in case you’re planning to raise them as pets.

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One of the most important things to know about quails is what they eat. In this text, you will learn about the food of quails.

What Do Quails Eat?

Research shows that wild quails eat grains mostly in their diet, but domestic quails require more special feeds to foster faster growth and egg production.

However, quails are hardy birds, and they tend to eat almost everything like chickens. Some of the conventional feeds of domestic quails are seeds, grains, insects, vegetables, and commercial feeds.

Let’s find out detail information about these quail feeds:


Proteins are essential in the growth of quails, and this is the reason why they tend to eat almost all types of insects.

The proteins obtained from the insects help to facilitate faster growth and maturity. You should also note that newly hatched quails have a different diet from the adult quails.

Quail chicks feed mostly on insect diet, but as they mature up, they tend to feed on vegetables throughout their lifetime though insects also become part of the regular menu.

Furthermore, quails eat more insects during breeding seasons as an additional source of protein. The rate at which these birds feed on insects varies depending on the place and time of the season.

Commercial Quail Feeds

Quail farming has experienced gradual growth for several years across the world, and many people are adopting this good practice as a source of income.

A lot of farmers have considered starting commercial quail farming due to the enormous profits linked to this noble venture. The intention is to provide adequate eggs and meat to meet the rising demand.

The standard feeds of poultry birds usually work perfectly for quails. However, you will be expected to ensure the particles of the feeds are small since the birds are small in size.

Fruits & Vegetables

Quails are wild birds, and they tend to eat a good number of fruits as well as vegetables. This is one of the significant sources of food after seeds and insects.

Research shows that a proper quail diet should consist of 20 percent of vegetables, fruits, leaves, and other roughage.

However, the habit of eating fruits depends on the breed of quail and also the place of breeding the birds. Gamble quails live in the desert, and they love eating cactus fruits.

Grains & Seeds

You should note that about 90 percent of the quail diet comes from plant materials. However, many factors define the habit, such as species of the quail and time of the year.

According to experts, about 80 percent of quail diet comes from seeds and grains. The birds complement their food with leaves of the plant to gain proper nutrients.

Final Verdict

If you’re planning to start commercial quail farming for maximum production of meat and eggs, then you are required to supply them with high quality feeds.

Also, ensure they get an adequate supply of clean and freshwater daily to facilitate proper digestion of the feeds.

A well-balanced diet will ensure the quails are healthy and productive — Good Luck in your new venture.

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