All You Need To Know About Welsummer Chicken Breed

Welsummer chicken is a beautiful breed of chicken in Europe. Their lovely appearance and personality are what makes the breed to be popular.

It is shameful to see the breed of chicken not available on the list of chicken breed in the world today despite the outstanding appearances.

In this post, you will discover information about the history and origin of welsummer chicken, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are loved by many people across the world.

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History and Origin Welsummer Chicken Breed

The breed of chicken has been in existence for a couple of about 100 years. It was first to discover in a small village in Netherland known as Welsum.

Initially, the breed was popularly known for meat and egg production. In the 18th century, the breed was mixed with breeds such as Rhode Island Reds, Barnevelders, Partridge Leghorns, Cochins, and Wyandottes.

The cross-breeding was with the intention of building better strains of chicken that will produce an adequate supply of eggs and maintain a high quality of meat.

In 1991, the breed of chicken was accepted by the American Standards of Perfection and it is grouped as one of the largest domestic chicken in the world today.

Characteristics of Welsummer Chicken


The bird has dark brown coloring on their body. The shaft of the feathers is either brown or white in color. The neck and nape feathers of the chicken are golden brown.

The roosters of the breed are handsome with feathers around the saddles and hackles being chestnut brown. The birds have a single comb with five points. The earlobes, wattles, and comb are red in color.

Size and Weight

The breed of chickens is large in size naturally. The cocks weigh about 7lb and the hens weigh 6lb. this is what is making the welsummer breed suitable for both meat and eggs.


The chickens are known to be intelligent, calm, docile and friendly. You can feed the roosters from your hands directly since they are not aggressive like other breeds of chickens in the market.

The birds can stay with other flocks in the backyard without causing trouble but they tend to be talkative and noisy.

Egg Production

The pure breed of welsummer are great layers and they have the reputation of laying more than 200 eggs per year.

Unfortunately, the hens may stop laying eggs during winter but they may start immediately during the spring season.

When they are feed and maintained well, the birds have the capability of producing about 4 eggs per week. The eggs usually have some dark sparkles making them unique and beautiful.

Reasons to Love Welsummer Chicken

Production Rate

The hens are good layers and they ensure an adequate supply of eggs to your family throughout. The meat from the breed is so delicious and tasty. This is the reason why they are so popular in the recent days.

Calm and Friendly

The chickens are so friendly and they even expose the love to the owner by following them affectionately while in the yard. The calmness make them

Ideal Climate

The robust breed can withstand any weather conditions since they have hardy genes. Unfortunately, the hens usually stop producing eggs during the cold season but immediately after spring they begin again as compared to other breeds of chickens that tend to wait for long.

Attractive and Pretty

The plumage shape and feather arrangement make the bird look prettier than other breeds of chicken. The bird is ever clean and attractive making them beloved by many homesteaders.

Health Issues and Special Needs

The wattles and combs of the roosters are typically large in size thus this makes them susceptible to frostbites during winter seasons. You need to pay a lot of attention to them during cold seasons.

Fortunately, the birds are robust and healthy. Therefore, they do not have a health concern. Make sure to keep an eye on the dense feathers of the chicken since they are susceptible to lice or mites.

When the birds are maintained and cared for well, they tend to live for a couple of 10 years.


Welsummer chickens are special birds to be included in your flocks. The breed is impeccable for meat and eggs. I love the personality of the chickens and they do add flavors in my flock.

The birds are naturally quiet and dependable in terms of eggs. If you have these birds in your backyard, kindly share with us the stories in the comment form below.

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