Welsh Harlequin Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

Welsh Harlequin duck is a hatching champion. It is the attribute behind their popularity among many breeders.

The desire to increase the number of birds in the farm happens to be the reason why they are highly valued across the world.

The duck breeds have unique features that make them also to be adorable. The dazzling appearance, lean meat, and egg production rate are fantastic — a kind of duck that is on its level and a high supply of protein in the family.

The article provides detailed information about the history, origin, characteristics, uses, and various images of the duck that help to outline the hidden features of the duck breed.

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History & Origin of Welsh Harlequin Duck

These are relatively new breeds of duck in the market. There are a lot of Welsh harlequin duck facts over the internet. Let’s cut it down.

These birds came as a result of developing mutant khaki Campbell ducks in 1949. The ducks were produced in Wales by Leslie Bonnet.

The Welsh harlequin duck eggs were first imported by John Fugate for hatching in Tennessee between 1980 and 1982.

The united states of American happened to be the first nation to receive welsh harlequin duck for sale, and it was later recognized by the American poultry association in 2001.

The ducks are grouped into the light duck class. Welsh harlequin duck colors are so gorgeous, but it also makes them susceptible to potential predators.

Welsh Harlequin Duck Characteristics

Size and Weight

The ducks are relatively small, but they tend to have a well-balanced body with wide space legs. The average weight of a mature drake is 5.5 lbs while that of a duck is about 5 lbs.

Temperament and Behavior

Welsh harlequin duck personality is unique and admirable. These birds are quite curious and calm. They are excellent foragers.

Climate Tolerance

These birds are hardy and robust. They can withstand different weather climates across the world. It is recommended to provide adequate water for them.

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Fertility Rate

Both the male and female welsh harlequin duckbill has a high libido. It is the reason why their number is increasing rapidly across the world.

Also, keep the drake in pen to prevent from damaging the female counterparts due to high sexual desires.


The female welsh harlequin duckbill is susceptible to broodiness. They nest their eggs until they hatch out the ducklings.

Varieties of the Breed

The ducks occur in two types that are golden and silver. The coloring makes them unique and dazzling when compared to other duck breeds.

Gender Determination

Identifying the sex of the welsh harlequin ducks is quite simple and easy. Male ducks usually have darker bill while the female has a lighter bill.

Egg Production Rate

Ducks are excellent layers. Research shows that a duck can lay about 250 to 300 eggs per year. It is the reason why they are suitable for commercial egg production.

Uses of the Duck Breed

The ducks are typically breeding for egg production. If you intend to start the duck farming business, then this is a suitable breed for you.

Although they are grouped under lightweight class, they also produce a lump of delicious lean meat. These ducks are also great for meat production.

The eggs produced by the ducks are large in size and white in color. An egg tends to weight about 75-85 grams.

Do you know where to buy a Welsh harlequin duck? Well, I recommend you visit the nearest breeder in your locality and get a pair for your family.

Pictures of the Duck Breed

The image below will help you figure out the physical characteristics of the ducks that make them distinctive from others. Lets’ see.

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