Turopolje Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Turopolje pig breed is unique from other swine breeds. It has black spots on white or grey skin along with distinctive drooping ears.

Unfortunately, the swine breed is quite rare, and the research shows that it is about to become extinct. It is the reason why there is scant information about them over the internet.

The article provides detailed information about the origin, characteristics, uses, and pictures of the swine breed. Let’s get started.

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History & Origin of Turopolje Pig

The swine breed is also known as Turopoljska svinja. The named is derived from the area of origin known as Turopolje in Croatia.

These are among the oldest swine breeds of Europe though they tend to have some strains of Berkshire pig breeds in their blood.

The change in the mode of pig farming business from extensive to intensive has resulted in the gradual drop in popularity of the pig.

The swine breed is suitable for free-range conditions since they are hardy despite having a slow growth rate as compared to other kinds of pigs. It is generally small to medium in size.

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Turopolje Pig Characteristics

Size and Weight

The pigs are small to medium in size. The swine breed is known for having a slow growth rate, and the average weight of a mature pig is approximately 17-220kg.

Climate Tolerance

The pigs are hardy and robust. They have a unique body system that can adjust to different weather climates. However, the research shows that they tend to do well in the native weather climate.

Body Shape and Appearance

The pigs have a long body shape with partially protruding ears that do not cover the eyes since they are of average length. The skin of the pig is unpigmented like other swine breeds.

Productivity Rate

The sows are highly fertile, and they can produce about five piglets in a litter. The weight makes them also suitable for the production of quality pork meat.

Maturity Rate

Though the reproduction and production rate of the pig breed is high, they tend to have a slow growth rate. They are not suitable for commercial pig farming.

Skin Color

The pig has black spots on either white or grey skin. The spots are the features that make them distinct from other breeds of the pigs.

Behavior and Temperament

The pigs are calm and friendly. They can easily be managed by a novice pig farmer, and they are rarely affected by common pig diseases.

Uses of Turopolje Pig Breed

The pigs are mainly known for producing one of the qualities of pig meat. They are primarily free range, and this is what makes the pork so delicious. They are simple to manage, and the rate of consumption of artificial feeds are low.

Picture & Breed Profile

Use the image and the profile overview below to have a deeper understanding of the swine breed. Learn some of the hidden physical features from the photo below.

Breed NamePot-bellied
Other NameVietnamese Pot-bellied
Breed SizeSmall
WeightBoars 45-100 kg
Sows 43-90 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorBlack or Black with White Markings
Place of OriginVietnam

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