Turkey Farming Business: Is Turkey Farming Profitable?

Do you want to start the turkey farming business? If yes, then count yourself lucky. I have highlighted a step by step guide on how to start a commercial turkey farm from scratch.

You will have an opportunity to learn the meaning of turkey farming, to know how much do turkey farmers make, free-range turkey farming, industrial turkey farming, and other turkey farming facts.

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What is Turkey farming?

Turkey farming is the process of raising turkey birds for meat and egg production. The method of raising turkeys is also known as turkey rearing.

The demand for turkey meat across the world is higher than the need for eggs. However, some people prefer to keep toms as pets at hotels, homes, and resorts, among other places.

The popularity of commercial turkey farming is gradually growing since it has been overshadowed by the chicken farming business for some years.

The demand for lean meat of turkey during Thanksgiving (Ash) day is the reason behind the gradual growth of the market in the United States.

Raising turkey birds is much simpler than raising other poultry like quails, chickens, ducks, and pigeons. This is because they are much familiar with humans, and it is simple to start turkey farm.

Turkey farming can be done on either free-range or intensive rearing system. If you opt to start turkey rearing, then you need to identify your primary purpose before venturing into the business.

Is Turkey Farming Profitable?

As mentioned earlier, turkey rearing is gradually growing, and many turkey breeders tend to make a lot of profits during Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is a special day among Americans, and every family will purchase turkey meat for dinner to mark this special day.

It is the reason why the demand for the lean meat of turkey become to so high until some are even imported to meet the demand.

Generally, many people are also opting to feed on white meat since the research shows that red meat hurts the body.

It is the reason behind the sprouting of many small scale turkey breeders in California and Oklahoma, among other states in the US. This implies that turkey farming business is profitable.

How to Start Turkey Farming Business

Raising turkey birds is fun and enjoyable. If you’re planning to start a commercial turkey rearing business, then you need to follow the listed steps to make profits.

Select the Breed of Turkey

Turkey is a domestic bird which occurs in different breeds. If you’re planning to start commercial turkey meat production, then you need to be careful when selecting the kind. Not all turkey breeds are suitable for industrial meat production.

Modern turkey breeds are ideal for profitable meat production. These breeds have the reputation of feeding less but converting the feeds into fleshy meat.

Broad Breasted White, White Holland Turkey and Standard Bronze turkeys are among the top leading modern turkey breeds for meat production.

These breeds tend to grow very fast as compared to other races, and they also consume less feeds. These two factors make them suitable for stating commercial turkey meat production.

Turkey Housing and Fencing

Suitable housing is directly proportional to the level of meat production. Ensure the shelter of the turkey is well equipped, and it meets the standard of poultry housing.

The house should be permanent and lighten with some ventilation zones for free air circulation. Design a home for young ones that are separate for the mature ones.

Turkeys are large size birds, and when you’re constructing a fence ensure it is high above from the ground. You can opt for electric poultry netting, woven wire fencing, metal T-posts, or wooden posts.

Turkey Feeding and Watering

Healthy and productive birds need to be feed on a well-balanced diet. Undertake a severe turkey training course to learn some of the nutritional requirements of turkeys.

The knowledge will enable you to evade some of the turkey farming problems and in the long run, get massive profits. Get to know the protein requirement of the chicks, adult female and male turkey.

Also, ensure the turkeys are supplied with an adequate amount of water daily. The water is supposed to be clean and fresh.

Care and Management of Turkeys

The turkey house is supposed to be ever clean and dry. This will help to prevent the occurrence of common health issues.

Be careful when it comes to feeding them and check the expiry dates of the feeds. Proper care and management will foster profitable turkey farming business.

The Housing should have enough space to allow movement and mating of the birds. Provide clean and fresh water to the birds.

A search of Turkey Market

Business marketing in the recent is quite simple. Most turkey breeders around the world have opted for digital marketing strategy, and it is quite remarkable.

Turkeys are usually ready between 12th and 20th week. It is recommended to slaughter them and sell them all.

Turkey Rearing Systems (the USA, UK, and India)

Turkeys are unique birds due to body size and strength. The amount of profit to be realized depending on the turkey rearing systems.

Two large systems are being practiced in the USA, UK, and India. Many breeders in these countries tend to make huge profits as compared to those in other countries.

Free Range System

Most farmers prefer raising turkeys on free range. Here the land is fenced with strong wood poles to prevent the birds from invading the neighbors’ farm.

It is recommended to plant trees in the area identify for raising the birds to provide shade during summer and also good shelter to create warmth during winter.

Electric net fencing is the most preferred since it helps to protect the birds from common predators and prevent them from trace passing.

The free-range system is the best since it helps to reduce the cost of purchasing turkey feeds as they are known to be excellent foragers.

However, it is advisable to provide calcium supplements in their diet to foster healthy bone development that can help to support the body weight.

Intensive Rearing System

It is another excellent method of raising turkeys. It is known to help in improving the efficiency of turkey production.

The system makes it easy to ensure maximum care and management of the birds to promote high-quality turkey meat production for business.

It is a suitable rearing system for those turkey breeders with a small piece of land in their backyard. It is an excellent method for urban farmers.

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