The Best Goats for Brush Clearing

There are a lot of factors that you need to put into consideration when selecting the best goats for your homestead or small farm.

Choosing the best goats for brush clearing and land clean-up is one of the factors you should also think about before purchasing the best goats for grazing.

In this article, you will explore some of the goat breeds that are considered to be great weed controllers and some of the ways on how to make them excellent brush control.

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Are Goats Good at Controlling Weeds?

In ancient times, goats were used to provide milk, meat and also act as weed control machines. The research shows that goats have the ability to eat at least all vegetation regardless of their structures.

The digestive systems of the goats are made in such a way that they can even digest thorns found on leaves of some plants with ease.

Ensure the garden flowers around your homestead are well guarded in order to protect these goats from reaching them. Goats are pure herbivores and this makes them eat any green plant around the compound.

Are goats good at controlling weeds? Yes. Provided you have a piece of land that has vegetation that you do not mind if the goats feed on them.

Goats are considered to be champions in consuming weeds, brambles, and other unwanted plants. Do we have brush goats for hire? Yes. Many municipalities in America are renting out goats to clear weeds or grass along the roads, parks and even open playfields.

Breeds of Goats for Clearing Brush

Goats are considered to be the best animal for clearing land and the first time I started raising them, I never knew they are such valuable.

Goats can save you a lot of time and money as far as weed management around the homestead is concern. This is the natural way to get rid of weeds by harming the landscape.

Here are some of the best goats breed for clearing brush around the homestead and farm:

Alpine Goats

This is the favorite goat for homestead and an excellent option for clearing brush. The goat breed are tall and they can even reach higher branches with ease.

Alpine goats have great characteristics and they are really good herders for keeping at home when dealing with a brush.

They are good herd leaders since they tend to motivate others to move in grazing group cells. The advantage of raising alpine goats will serve you in many different ways apart from clearing the brush in the homestead.

You can also read about one of my articles about Alpine goat breed in order to learn more about the origin and physical characteristics.

Brush Goats

Most of these goat breeds are professionally used to control weeds on the farm. However, they are not a particular goat breed.

The goat breeds occur as a result of crossbreeding between meat and dairy goat breeds. The good thing about brush goats is that they are very strong, hardy and resistant to some common goat diseases.

In case you have castrated male brush goats then you stand out to the chance of having the best homestead in the world. These goats focus on clearing the weeds rather than mating.

Once you have castrated the male goats, then you need to be extra careful in case you are taking them to a very thick brush farm for clearing.

Raising brush goats is quite affordable as compared to other breeds of goats. They also save you money for hiring a bulldozer or brush hog for clearing the weeds.

Boer Goats

These goats are typically kept for meat production but they can also be a great homestead investment. The breed of goat originated in South Africa and they were kept by Dutch farmers in South Africa in order to supplement their incomes.

The goats have strong genes that enable them to withstand any type of weather and climate. These meat producer goats can also be a great option for clearing brush.

They are termed as the best goat breeds for clearing the weeds on land faster as compared to other breeds of goats. It is therefore recommended as the best grazer among the goat family.

You can read my article about the history and origin of Boer goats in order to have a deeper understanding of the goat breed.

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats are termed as the best goats for pets but they can also be used for clearing brush around the farm and the homestead.

Pygmies are small in size and they have the capability of clearing the lower brush which tall goats can reach. Raising pygmies is quite simple and affordable since they are versatile breeds of goats.

How to Make Goats Excellent Brush Control

Goats have some strong natural instinct for getting rid of weeds and brush perfectly in the homestead. The research shows that this is the perfect way of getting weeds without destroying the landscape with the use of artificial weed control methods.

You need to have both tall and short breeds in your homestead in order to ensure both brushes from a high level as well as low level are removed perfectly.

However, this will depend on the size of the farm that you have. In case you have a small farm then consider rearing a countable number of both short and tall goat breeds.

You can tie them in a particular area in order to ensure they eat everything around then move them to another area. This is the perfect way of making the goats excellent brush controller on the farm.

Avoid tying them around the neck especially those tall breeds since the chance of sticking on the high-level brush is high and this may injure them.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend that you avoid keeping goats with long horns in case you want to keep them, particularly for weed control. This is because the chances of getting stuck in the high-level branches are high.

Use the above-mentioned breeds since they are the best goats for brush clearing regardless of the size of your homestead or compound.

In case you happen to have stories about the breeds of goat, kindly feel free to share with us in the comments below and we will highly appreciate it.

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