All You Need to Know About Sussex Chicken

Sussex chicken is an old breed in Britain that has been in existence for a couple of years. The adorable bird was bred with the intention of supplying adequate eggs and meat to the people.

The breed of the birds has a fascinating history since it has gone through thick and thin after its discovery and development.

The breeding of Sussex poultry has been successful in the United States and many folks have really enjoyed keeping them especially in the 19th century.

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In this post, you will discover more information about the history and origin of Sussex breed, physical characteristics and reasons why they are highly loved by many people around the world.

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Sussex Chicken Breed Information

The poultry breed was discovered in London about 1845. The breed of poultry was then known as Kentish fowl before it was changed to Sussex.
The initial colors of the bird were brown and after cross-breeding with Roman fowl, it results in a breed that is white in color.

In case you want to get a robust and well-balanced breed of birds then crossbreed Sussex with Brahma, Dorking, and Cochins.

The main counties in England that supply Sussex breed of birds to London markets are Sussex, Surrey, and Kent.

Many folks around the world today consider Sussex the best birds for meat and eggs. The meat is so sweet and tender as compared to the indigenous breeds in the country.

Characteristics of Sussex Chicken

Size and Weight

The breed of birds are big in size such that a mature cock weighs 4.1kgs and hen weighs 3.2kgs. On the other hand, the cockerels weigh 3.4kgs and pullet weight 2.7kgs.


The birds are docile and friendly but they are very confident. The calmness makes them very easy to handle and manage.

The affectionate love they have towards the owners is so amazing since they will stop what they are doing and begin to follow you around once they recognize your presence.

Egg Production

Sussex female breed will supply about 4-5 brown eggs per week. This is because the type of Sussex breed determines the egg production rate.

The good news about Sussex is that they still continue to lay eggs even during winter seasons. The breeds are susceptible to broodiness and they tend to be good mothers after hatching.

Ideal Climate

The poultry breeds are hardy and this gives them the ability to survive in harsh weather conditions of the year. The robust breed can be kept in both warm and cold climate.

Reasons to Love Sussex Chicken

A Gracious Mother

The female birds go broody easily and they tend to cover all the eggs until they hatch out 100 percent. Once they have hatched, they are known to protect their chicks and also good forager that means they can provide for their offspring with natural foods.

Eggs for the People

A pure breed of Sussex is good layers of eggs. If you want to supply more eggs for your family on a daily basis then Sussex is the right choice for you. The hens lay an egg at least on a daily basis.

Good English Breeding

The breed of chickens is so strong and tough. These features enable them to survive in weather changes across the world with ease without complications pertaining to health. The breeds are so legal not only in England but also in other countries like the United States.

Kind and curious

The female hens from the breed are so charming and lovely to keep in your coop. the birds are known to be so curious and kind both to the owner and even the entire family. The breed is so calm such that they can easily be feed by children in case you are not around.

English Aristocracy

Sussex is an old chicken breed originating from southern England. The breed help to preserve and maintain the heritage of Britain since it was first discovered here. This is the reason why they are gaining popularity across the country in recent days.

Health Issues and Special Needs

Sussex breeds are so hardy and they can withstand a wide range of temperatures across the world. They do not have any health issues and does not require special needs.

You need to control the hen’s weight in the order they can have the ability to produce more eggs for the family throughout the year. The cost of maintaining Sussex breeds is so low and they do not require any form of treatment.


Many poultry keepers in the states love keeping Sussex birds since they are fine to breed. They are great foragers as mentioned earlier and this may reduce the bill for feeding.

If you are considering adding adorable birds in your farm then think about Sussex breeds of poultry. If you already have some please let us know all about them in the comments section below…

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