How to Start Quail Farming in Kenya

Quail farming in Kenya is gradually growing both in urban and rural areas. The demand for quail products has increased since many people are becoming conscious about their nutritional value.

The western part of Kenya was the first region to begin quail farming, but it was for own consumption only. However, commercial quail farming sprouts suddenly from the central area of Kenya.

It is a great potential business for supplementing your current income and also improving your living standards. If you intend to venture into this lucrative business, then follow the steps outlined in the article.

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Benefits of Quail Farming in Kenya

Quail farming business in Kenya has a lot of benefits, and this is the reason why it is quite lucrative. Here are some of the top commercial quail farming benefits in Kenya:

  • The birds require a small amount of space to get started since they are tiny creatures as compared to chickens.
  • The wild birds are hardy and robust hence can withstand almost all types of Climate in Kenya
  • The breeder requires little investment to get started since they are quite affordable when compared to other poultry birds.
  • These birds mature faster like broilers. Thus they are ready for marketing at the age of five weeks.
  • Quail meat and eggs have a lot of nutritional value when compared to other beef from domestic poultry.
  • The quail products are ideal for children, patients, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.
  • The infrastructure of starting quail farming business is quite affordable, especially the feeds.
  • The birds can also be raised with other animals on the farm since they tend to be very calm and friendly.
  • Farming quails is a great job opportunity for an employed youth and women in Kenya

Starting Quail Farming in Kenya

Beginning quail farming in Kenya is quite simple since the legal formalities and infrastructures are quite easy to obtain as compared to beginning snail farming.

Here are steps on how to start quail farming business and attain considerable profits in the long run. Take your time to go through slowly:

Acquire a License

Quails are wild birds; thus if you intend to start commercial farming, then you will be expected to visit Kenya Wildlife Services to get the license.

You will be required to develop an infrastructure that meets all the guidelines and take photos of the quail cage then submit. The cost of the license is between shs — 2000 to 3000, depending on the number of birds.

Select the Breed

There are numerous species of quails across the wild. Some species are known for producing eggs while others meat or both.

If the purpose of raising quails is for eggs and meat, then consider quail breeds that are known for this function since others are breed as pets.

Bobwhite (American) and White Breasted (Indian) are ideals of meat production. British Range, English White, Manchurian Golden, Pharaoh, and Tuxedo are reputable for egg production.

Raising both layers and broilers is quite profitable. You can visit the nearest quail farm and learn more about these quail breeds.

Quail Shelter

For maximum production, you will need to design and construct the right house for your birds. You will also be required to install the necessary facilities in the home.

Quails can be raised in both deep litter and cage systems. The cage system is the most preferred method for commercial quail farming in case you want more profits.

A cage has the capability of housing about 10 to 12 birds. However, the cage system is not suitable for raising broilers.

Ensure the house of the birds receive sufficient sunlight and also fresh air. It should also be free from any potential predators.

Feeding Process

For maximum production and profits, you need to provide your birds with nutritious and healthy feeds. A well balanced nutritional diet is quite essential in case you opt for commercial farming practice.

Provide the birds with feeds rich in proteins and clean water daily. These birds tend to consume about 20 to 35 grams of food daily.

Breeding Quails

According to our research, appliances tend to mature faster than layers. Broilers tend to be ready for market at the age of about five weeks while layers produce eggs at around six to seven weeks.

In case you want to start a successful quail farm then breed 1:5 male to female quails in a cage. Quail eggs take about 18 days to hatch completely.

Chicks are quite sensitive to temperature and light. Therefore, ensure the brooder has adequate light and optimum temperature to avoid clustering.

Health Care & Management

Quails are hardy and robust. This means that they are rarely affected by common poultry diseases. However, in case you notice some weird symptoms on your birds, it is recommended to call a professional vet for diagnosis and treatment.


Marketing quail products in Kenya is quite natural since they are in high demand. You can quickly sell your quail products in your local market or even in the supermarkets.

You also develop a good relationship with hotels and restaurants then begin supplying them with quail products.

Final Thoughts

It is advisable to visit the nearest quail farm before venturing into commercial quail farming in Kenya. You will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge of breeding these wild birds.

The market quail products are growing gradually; thus, the chance of earning more income is still available, and it is going to last for some years.

I would like to wish you success as you plan to venture into the business. Cheers!

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