Sheep Farming Guide For Beginners And Experts

Ever thought of starting a profitable sheep farming business? Well, this is a noble task many people have opted into as an occupation and a source of income in recent days.

The dynamics in the economy has forced many people to find alternative sources of income to supplement their day job salary.

How much money do sheep farmers make? I would say they make a great deal but everything starts from a certain point where you need to pump some money in first.

If you are a beginner in rearing sheep then count yourself lucky. Let this guide to be your new bible since it contains secrets on how to be a successful sheep farmer in U.S.A and U.K

The free bible course provides step by step guide on how to start breeding sheep from scratch. The secrets in the course are going to mold you into a professional sheep farmer like no other.

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What Is Sheep Farming?

It is a branch of animal husbandry but particularly deals with raising and breeding domestic sheep. Sheep are typically raised for meat, milk, wool, sheepskin, and parchment.

A sheep farmer needs to be well-versed with various breeds of sheep before thinking on how to raise and breed them.

The ancient practice has now emerged as a business and an occupation for some people across the world due to the demand for sheep products.

Commercial sheep farming business is so lucrative and profitable. This is because the chances of getting your investment back are very high and it usually takes the shortest period of time.

However, you need to have a proper plan in the business in order to be a successful sheep farmer. In this post, you will learn about the importance and ultimate steps on how to start a profitable sheep farming business.

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Reasons to Start Sheep Farming

Traditionally, sheep were raised particularly for wool, skin, milk, and manure for crop production. Have you ever tasted the sheep meat? Well, it is tasty, nutritious and very popular too so many people across the world regardless of their belief.

According to research is done poverty eradication communities in the world, it is stated that sheep is the best domestic animal for this purpose since it has the ability to survive in almost all type of weather climate.

It is a reliable source of income for those people who are obsessed with animals and they either live in arid or semiarid areas.

Here are some of the reasons why sheep breeding is the perfect business for you:

  • Low initial capital to venture into sheep breeding business
  • Sheep require inexpensive shelter as compared to other animals
  • Require cheap labor making them less costly
  • Female sheep give birth regularly hence increase the number of flocks can happen within a short period.
  • Sheep are not destructive like goats
  • The animals are hardy hence can survive in the different weather climate
  • Consume the little amount of grass and other feeds but returns are high
  • You need less space to start raising sheep.

Advantages of Sheep Farming to National Economic Growth

Commercial sheep farming is quite beneficial to a country’s economy. The business has the ability to foster national economic growth.

Rearing sheep enable people to earn a living from the income obtained from the sheep. This is because the products of sheep have a huge demand in the international market.

Trading in international facilitates foreign exchange which plays a vital role in the growth of the economy in a particular country.

Do you want to start sheep farming in Australia? What are the rules and regulations about the number of animals to keep? The sheep breeding is among the main sources of national income in the country.

How to Start Sheep Farming Business

Sheep are kinds of animals that are typically small in size. Therefore, starting commercial sheep farming is quite simple and easy.

Like any other kind of business, you are required to come up with a suitable and proper business plan before venturing into the business.

Have a thorough preview of every step in the business plan and formulate ways on how to venture into without making any losses.

Here we are describing those steps on how to venture into this lucrative and profitable business. The steps include:

Select a Suitable Farm Location

Identify a suitable place on your farm where to start raising the sheep. Ensure the selected area has all the essential facilities required for breeding.

The place should be endowed with fresh clean water, evergreen grass, good medication, and good transport facilities and strategically located to the market.

These are the factors to keep in mind before selecting a place for breeding sheep for commercial purposes. They will save you a lot as far as this kind of farming is a concern.

Purchase Quality Breeds

Identify sheep breeders in your area and purchase high-quality sheep breeds. How much is it to buy a sheep? Well, the cost of a sheep depends on so many things like breed and age among many other factors.

There are so many types of sheep breeds in the world. It is now upon you to purchase breeds that are suitable for commercial purposes.

You should note that there are some breeds that are suitable for wool production and others for meat production. I recommend you choose the sheep breed according to the desire of your production.

The following are some of the popular breeds of sheep that you opt for a commercial purpose:

  • Hassan
  • Merino
  • Bannur
  • Bellary
  • Rambouillet
  • South Down
  • Cheviot
  • Deccani

Sheep Housing

The shelter of sheep is inexpensive. Most breeds of sheep are ever happy with the type of housing offered to them so long they are able to access the basic needs.

However, you can still raise sheep with other livestock make under small scale farming. In case they are meant for commercial purpose then you need a separate farm and suitable housing.

Design a house that can keep them warm and comfortable during the cold-weather season. Also, ensure the housing has top security in order to protect them from potential predators.

Adult sheep may require about 20 square feet of floor space so that they can sleep comfortably with others. In case you have about 10 sheep then you are expected to have 10 feet long and 20 feet wide house.

Keep the house of sheep dry and clean throughout. It should be properly ventilated and sufficient space for light. Create a proper drainage system inside the house.

Sheep Feeding

This is the most vital step to follow in case you want high yields. Supply your flock with a balanced diet in order to facilitate faster growth and maximum production.

High-quality sheep feeds will make them be healthy, productive and free from common livestock diseases.

The favorite feeds for any breed of sheep are all kinds of grass, plants, and corn. Here is the sheep feeding chart for both sheep babies and adults.

Feeding Chart for Baby Lamb



Broken maize


Broken grams


Almond cake




Mineral salt




Feeding Chart for Adult Sheep



Broken maize


Broken grams


Almond Cake




Mineral salt




In addition to the above, it is recommended to supply an adequate amount of clean and freshwater to your flocks on demand.


It is a good idea to fence around the farm in case you want them to feed on the available pasture without interfering with other people’s land.

Sheep farming the UK is stricter due to the rules and regulations but it is worth in order to prevent trace passing of flocks to other people’s farms.

Therefore, depending on the regulations in your country, it is good to fence your land well and ensure space is large enough to accommodate all your flock.

You should note that good fencing will keep away all types of potential predators and your herd will be safe. You can use either wire or woven fence.

Care and Management

The intention of any business is to make profits. Therefore, you need to take good care and management of your sheep in order to earn high yields in the long run.

Buy quality breeds and feeds apart from providing them with suitable housing. These are some of the best practices to take good care of your animals.

It is recommended to vaccinate the animals as early as possible in order to protect them from common sheep diseases. Always keep a good relationship with your vet so as to get a good assistant on time in case of any problem.


Marketing is a big issue affecting many sheep breeders across the world but I would recommend your local livestock market as the best point to start.

It is good to formulate marketing strategies for any business before commencing. You can also consider the international market in case you have the required facilities.

No Bullshit Tips for Starting a Profitable Sheep Farming Business

To be a successful sheep breeder, you need to follow both modern and scientific rules religiously. Try to pursue some training in order to learn everything pertaining to the kind of farming business.

Grabs knowledge around breed selection, lamb care, ewe pregnancy, housing, weaning, culling, record management, identification, health management, and dipping.

These are some of the main important knowledge bases for those breeders intending to commence commercial business in sheep.

Always go for healthy sheep breed, feed them well and take good care in order to get maximum profit from the farming activity.

Come up with a proper marketing plan before starting the business and this is the only proper way to succeed in this kind of livestock farming.

Common Problems Associated with Sheep Farming

There is no type of business that is not linked to any problems and so is the business of breeding sheep. You are likely to experience problems such as predators, housing, management and diseases among many others.

You should note that both diseases and predators happen to be the main source of problems in the farming industry.

Design a good fence plan in order to protect your sheep from potential predators and also have a close relationship with your vet who will help to treat them in case of many diseases.


Sheep and goat farming are among the ancient farming activities that are highly profitable. Therefore, you need to choose a proper sheep breed before commencing this type of farming.

High quality and healthy sheep breeds tend to have good returns in the long run. I recommend you read a lot of books, magazines, and webpages in order to grabs the whole idea about sheep breeding.

You can also visit some farms, particularly in your area to gather knowledge and experience in rearing sheep. God bless the work of your hands as you start the journey of breeding sheep. Cheers!

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