Ultimate Guide On How To Start Sheep Farming In USA

Sheep farming in USA is a traditional occupation being practiced by many Americans. The agrarian revolution brought about new invention in the sector and now people are practicing the kind of farming using modern technology.

Majority of Americans venture into sheep farming with the aim of providing family nutrients and also a source of income. However, there are some group of people who keep sheep as pets in their homes.

Sheep are very calm animals and this is the reason why they are kept as pets. They also tend to grow very fast making them suitable for commercial farming.  

The American climate is suitable for starting the sheep farming business. You only require little investment to start and within a short period of time, you earn huge profits.

In this post, you will learn the advantages of sheep farming in the United States of America and various steps on how to start sheep farming. Let’s get started then.

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Advantages of Sheep Farming in the USA

Is it profitable to raise sheep? Of course yes. It is a noble business for those farmers that are landless and marginalized to earn extra income.

Here are some of the main advantages of sheep farming in the United States of America. They include:


Sheep are bred for the purpose of producing milk, meat, and wool. However, the milk of sheep is not that popular. The animals can also be kept along with other livestock since they are sociable and calm.

Low Investment

You only require less capital in order to start sheep farming. You do not need to stress yourself about raising a high amount of capital in order to start this kind of farming.

Cheap Infrastructure

The good thing about sheep is that they do not require expensive housing like other animals. You can build a temporal shed so long as it makes them happy and comfortable.

Less Labor Cost

You do not require skilled labor so as to start sheep farming business. Managing sheep is quite simple and easy hence can still be handled by both young and old people with or without education? Depending on the number of flocks in your farm, you can opt for either seasonal or permanent labor.

Fast Growth Rate

Sheep have a high maturity rate and fertility rate. They tend to gain weight within a few months making them ready for trading. The ewes have the ability to give birth to more than one lamb within a short period as compared to other breeds of animals.

Climate Tolerance

Sheep are hardy and robust in nature. They have the ability to adapt to any type of climate regardless of the region within a very short time. This is the reason why they can be kept in different states in the United States.

Market Demand

The demand for sheep meat is so high in both the local and international markets. The meat is consumed by a lot of people across the world regardless of their religion. Wool is one of the most demanded products in the United States.

Consume Less Feeds

Sheep normally look on the ground for feeds. They tend to eat all kinds of grass and plants that are easily converted into meat and wool. You do not need to buy them artificial feeds on a daily basis like other animals.

How to Start Sheep Farming in the USA

Setting up a commercial sheep farming the U.S is quite simple and easy. You can either opt to start under small scale or large scale depending on the number of flocks that you are intending to keep. Here is step by step guide on how to start sheep farming.

Farm Location

You should be able to identify the location of your farm before venturing into the business. However, almost all places in the US are suitable for sheep farming.

You need to put into consideration essential facilities before starting the kind of farming. Ensure the selected area has fresh and clean water, a sufficient amount of green pastures, good transport, and marketing.

These are some of the factors on your location that will determine the success of your sheep farming in the country. Remember also to adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to sheep farming.

Sheep Breeds

There are quite a good number of sheep breeds across the world. Some of the breeds are suitable for commercial farming while others are not. Pick a productive breed of sheep that can give you high returns after venturing into them.

Some of the most suitable breeds of sheep in the United States are Merino, Rambouillet, Suffolk, Hampshire, Katahdin, Dorper, Dorset, Southdown, Karakul, Lincoln, and Icelandic among many others.

Sheep Housing

It is very important to build a shelter for your herds. Good housing will keep them comfortable and safe from harsh weather or even common predators. Fortunately, the cost of housing and fencing the farm for sheep are very low compared to other animals.

Keep your flocks inside the house during winter and rainy seasons. An adult sheep require about 20 square feet floor space and the height of the roof from the floor is supposed to be about 6 feet.

Remember to keep the floor of the house dry and clean. Ensure there are proper ventilation and light. Also, make sure the drainage is in good condition in order to minimize bad smell emission.

Sheep Feeding

Provide your flocks with high quality feeds in order to boost their immune system so that they can easily combat common diseases. Ensure you supply fresh and nutritious feeds to your flock.

The good thing about the herd is that they eat all types of grass and plants. This is the reason why they are less costly to breed. Remember to supply adequate fresh and clean water on demand.

Sheep Feeding Chart for Lambs

Broken Maize


Broken Gram


Almond Cake




Mineral salt




Sheep Feeding Chart for Adult Sheep

Broken Maize


Broken Gram


Almond Cake




Mineral salt




Care and Management of Sheep

Taking good care of your sheep will result in high yields in the long run. This can only be achieved by providing healthy feeds. Purchase healthy and productive breeds that have high return rates.

Ensure you build good housing to keep them comfortable and away from potential predators. Have a close relationship with a professional vet such that in case they are sick they can be treated easily.

Timely vaccination and proper medication can prevent various types of sheep diseases. Be on a watch out for any sign of diseases so that it can be combated as early as possible.


Before venturing into sheep farming in the USA, familiarize yourself with rules and regulations of the state that you are intending to state the kind of farming.

Get to know how many numbers of sheep you are supposed to breed in your farm in order to start practicing your farming without fear.

Also, embed your mind with skills and knowledge about starting a profitable sheep farming. If you wish to start sheep farming in the United States of America then this is the way to go. God Bless You.

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