Sahiwal Cow: Origin, Characteristics, and Purpose

Sahiwal cow is a popular breed of cattle in India and Pakistan. It is a zebu cattle that is primarily used for milk production.

The breed can adapt to any weather climate, and they also tend to be resistant to common cattle diseases. The cattle has now found its way into the international market in the latest days.

In this post, you will learn about the history and origin of Sahiwal cattle, characteristics, pictures and the uses. Let’s get started.

History and Origin of Sahiwal Cow

The research shows that Sahiwal cattle originated from Montgomery Zila of Panjab province of Pakistan. The history shows that the cattle breed was once kept in large herds by Junglies who are regarded as professional herdsmen.

The introduction of the irrigation system made so many farmers start rearing them in small numbers in these regions. These cattle breeds are purely known for being able to survive in semi-arid and arid areas.

Due to the improvement in agriculture, pure Sahiwal cow is regarded as the best dairy production cattle breed in India and Pakistan.

The breed of cattle has now found its way into Africa and Caribbean countries since it can withstand heat. It is also known for high milk production that has the right amount of fat. 

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Characteristics of Sahiwal Cow

Here is the information profile about Sahiwal cattle breed:

Size and Weight

The cattle are of medium size, and they are also very long and high in size. The average weight of an OX is about 400-500 kg while that of the cow is about cow 700-800 kilograms. The calf weighs about 22-28 kg when they born.

Color of the Coat

The coat of the cattle breed is coppery, and this makes them stunning as compared to other zebu cattle breeds in the market.

Body Shape and Appearance

The cow has a big udder that is hanging. The animal has a long tail with a very big dewlap. The cow tends to have thick and small size horns. They have a triangular body shape.

Behavior and Temperament

Both cows and bulls tend to be aggressive. You should also note that the environment may determine their aggressiveness. Handle them with care, or else you might be knockdown.

Climate Tolerance

The cattle breed can withstand different types of weather climate. Their bodies can regulate body temperature, and this is the reason why they can survive in areas that are too hot.

Maturity and Reproduction

The breed has a high reproduction rate although the timeline of the calves takes too long. Sometimes, they may have remarkable growth. Sahiwal calf price varies from one region to another, but they tend to be affordable.

Purpose of the Breed

The cattle breed is typically known for milk production. The large udder indicates that they are great producers for milk. A well-fed cow can produce about 12-15 kg of milk per day, and it might add up to 3000-4000 kg annually. Milk has about 4.5% fat, and Sahiwal cow price tends to be too high in Africa.

Sahiwal Cow Pictures

Here is the picture of the Sahiwal cattle and it can help you get the vivid descriptions about other hidden features.

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