Top Cringeworthy Information bout Royal Palm Turkey

Royal palm turkey is a domestic breed of turkey that has unique features and a lot of poultry hobbyist across the world adore it.

The spectacular breed has scant information over the internet and few people tend to know much about them despite their popularity.

In this post, we have highlighted some detailed information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and other alternatives of the breed.

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History and Origin of Royal Palm Turkey

The United Kingdom is believed to the place of origin for these dazzling birds. The breed is typically known for their ornamental purposes and most breeders do not keep them for meat purposes.

In 1920, the breed was exported in the United States of America in a state known as Florida. The birds were developed from European turkey breeds since the research shows that they have almost similar characteristics with Ronquieres and English pied.

At around 1971, the breed of turkeys was admitted to the American Poultry Association and this the reason behind their popularity in the United States of America.

The decline of these heritage birds has occurred due to the adoption of the Broad Breasted White into the turkey industry. The Livestock Conservancy has then decided to list the breed of turkey into the endangered species list.

Finding royal turkey for sale in Europe is a nightmare in recent days and this is the reason why they are only visible during the exhibition as well as shows.

In the 20th Century, the breed becomes resurfacing again but the number is still low as compared to the other years in the past. The gradual growth will see them becoming popular again in the coming years.

Royal Palm Turkey Characteristics

The features include:

Size and Weight

These birds are quite beautiful but they are small in size as compared to others. The standard weight of a matured tom range between 7.25 to 10kg while that of the hen is between 4.5 and 5.0 kg. They are not suitable for meat production.

General Appearance

The astonishing bird has white plumage blended with metallic black edging feathers. The black saddle help to bring the contrast of the white plumage more visible.

The beak is horned colored while the wattle, throat, and beak are red. The shanks and toes have an amazing deep pink color that makes them outstanding. The black beard is what amuse me more.

Temperament and Behavior

Palm turkeys are very active and thrifty. Their docile characteristics of the hens make them be great mothers and very easy to tame in the yard. Unfortunately, there some birds that may tend to be good flyers so keep watching them keenly.

Purpose of the breed

These heritage turkeys are not kept for meat production but for ornamental purposes. The good thing about them is that you can still raise them in small farms.

Climate Tolerance

The breed of turkey is hardy and robust. They have the ability to withstand both cold and warm climates. The climate tolerance feature is the reason behind their popularity in all regions across Europe.

Great Foragers

The hens and toms are excellent foragers. This implies that the amount of feeds that you are expected to provide for them is quite small. They are able to take care of their chicks and even protect them from predators.

Alternatives of Royal Palm Turkeys

Slate Turkey

Slate turkeys are world-class domestic breeds of turkeys found in the United States of America. They have medium to large size appearance but the plumage color makes them spectacular. Read more about the history and origin of the slate turkey.

Midget White Turkey

These are domestic turkeys found in the United States of America. The white plumage and the small stature happen to be the reason behind the name midget white. They have fleshy and thick shanks making them suitable to be reared for meat production.

Black Turkey

Black turkeys are domestic heritage turkeys mainly found in Europe. The birds have mouth-watering meat and this the reason why they are kept for meat production purposes. The birds are quite simple and easy to manage even on a small piece of land.

Bronze turkey

Bronze turkeys are medium to large sized birds that have a dazzling appearance. These birds are mainly raised and kept for meat production purposes. If you want to start a profitable turkey farming business then this is the perfect breed for you.

Common Health Issues of the Breed

The birds are hardy and they are less susceptible to the common poultry diseases. You only need to vaccinate them in order to make them healthy and free from attack by common diseases.

The dense plumage needs to be checked on a regular basis in order to detect any signs of parasites like lice or mites. This will help to combat them as early as possible.

Remember to provide good shelter and supply adequate types of turkey feeds. This will enable them to grow very fast and also remain healthy throughout.


Royal Palm turkeys are very special birds to keep at home. The dazzling and pretty appearance makes them great as they can win so many awards for you during exhibitions or shows.

Do you keep royal palm on your small farm? We would love to hear stories about them. Kindly share those stories in the comment form below and we will appreciate it. Thanks.

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