Rouen Ducks: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Picture

Rouen ducks are heavyweight domestic ducks. The ducks have appealing plumage suitable for decoration or exhibition.

The ducks are typically raised for meat production, but they are regarded as dual-purpose breed though they are not prolific in egg production.

The article provides insights about the history, origin, physical characteristics, and uses as well as care and management. Let’s get started.

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History & Origin of Rouen Ducks

Raising Rouen ducks began first in France, and this is also regarded as the original homeland of these ancient birds.

The breed of duck was first imported to England in the around 19th century, and several cross-breeding was further undertaken to result in a bird having a similar feature as Mallard Ducks.

The duck breed was then brought to the United States around 1850 by W. Lincoln of Worcester. The ducks were admitted to the American Standards of Perfection at around 1874.

The unique body shape makes them suitable to be breed as exhibition birds. Today many American Breeders are keeping Rouen ducks as pets.

Rouen Ducks Characteristics

Size and Weight

The duck breed is typically medium to large scale. The feature was brought about by selective breeding from other ducks like Mallard ducks.

The ducks are heavyweight, making them suitable for meat production. The average weight of the female Rouen ducks is about 2.7 to 3.6 kg while that of drake is approximately 4.1 to 5.4 kg

Climate Tolerance

The ducks are hardy and robust. Their body system can withstand both cold and hot weather climate. The feature gives them the ability to survive in different weather environments.

Behavior and Temperament

The birds are docile and calm in temperament. They can easily be managed and tamed by duck dummies.

Production and Maturity Rate

Baby Rouen ducks tend to grow and mature, very slow. They are not suitable for starting commercial duck meat production.

The ducks are not prolific layers, but they tend to produce about 150 eggs per year.

The demand for the duck meat on the market is quite high, and the meat tends to be leaner than that of the Pekin Duck.

Flying Ability

Can Rouen ducks fly? Not really. The ducks are heavyweight. They cannot fly at all. The birds are rated as weak flyers.

Varieties of the Duck

The usual array of the duck breed is grey. However, they can also appear in other colors such as lack, Blue, and Wild colored.

Use of the Duck Breed

Rouen ducks are general purpose ducks. They are typically bred for meat and egg production.

The stunning colors and body shape make them suitable for being breed as pets. The behavior and temperament of the ducks are quite unusual.

Pictures of Rouen Ducks

Use the image below to outline the physical features of the drakes and ducks. These features will help to differentiate between the male and female Rouen ducks.

Rouen Ducks Care

These ducks are excellent waterfowl breeds. It is recommended to provide ranch ponds and ample area for roaming. They are magnificent backyard birds since they tend to eat insects due to their fantastic forager character.

The ducks are very entertaining and calm. These features happen to be the reason why they are highly raised as pets in the United States.

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