Raising Goats as Pets: Ultimate Cheat Guide

Do goats make good pets? Well, goats are known for meat and milk production but don’t forget that they can also be a potential pet. Raising goats as pets or companions is something quite natural.

What is the best breed of goat for a pet? I know these are some of the common questions hitting your mind hard but don’t fret. Continue reading.

I’m glad that you are still here. There are numerous types of goat pets breed in the market, but you need to get the facts right to conquer headlines as the best keeper of pet goats.

You should note that having a goat as a pet is not easy as rearing chickens, cattle, pigs, dogs, cats or something else. Raising goats is challenging, and it needs someone who is committed to this kind of farming.

Can you have a goat as a pet? Yes. In this post, you will learn guidelines to consider on how to raise a goat as a pet in your house. Let’s jump in now.

Factors to Consider When Raising Goats as Pets

The first question that should toss your mind on the ocean is why do you want to raise goats as pets? The problem is quite vital before you start reading about how to raise goats as pets.

Getting a clear answer to this question will help you select a perfect goat breed of your choice as a pet. Do you want to raise goats for clearing brush around your homestead or as pets?

Leaves and trees are the most preferred goat feeds. They have the capability of chewing the bark of the trees and even flowers. Therefore, you should be ready to experience this kind of destruction in your homestead.

Raising goats for clearing brush is not a good idea in this state, but it is advisable to start sheep farming for clearing brush or grass around the compound as they do not have the habit of destroying the trees.

However, sheep do not show affectionate love like goats. There are different types of goats for pets and this usually depends on the taste as well as the preference of the person.

Here are some of the factors to consider how to raise goats as pets. These factors include:


Can you keep a goat in the house? Of course yes. However, you need to understand the behavior of the goat that is supposed to be kept as a pet in the house.

There are plenty of best goats for pets, but the character is quite remarkable. Check if the goat is touchable and has good behaviors.

Wild goats are not suitable for keeping goats as pets since most of them are quite hostile and ill-mannered. Consider goats that are friendly and have an adorable appearance.

Can you imagine the consequences of keeping an ugly goat as a pet? The goat pet can scare your children away, and some of them might even experience nightmares.

Therefore, pick a pet goat that is stunning and friendly. According to research, baby goat pets look adorable and amazing. You should note that after some time the goats will grow horn.

Raising a goat as a pet can be quite challenging since other goat breeds are rough and they can unpleasantly use the horns.

Choosing a well behave goat as a pet is quite essential, and this is why it is recommended to consult experts about the behavior of the goat before purchasing them.

Gender of Goat

 Ever thought of raising doe pets? Well, you have the opportunity to build any goats as pets. Some people may opt for does or bucks and others may consider raising castrated goats.

The most recommend gender is the female since they show affectionate and respond to the owner very fast once they hear their name being called.

Doe can make a good companion in the house besides producing milk for domestic use. How to take care of goats as pets especially female goats is challenging.

Caring for a doe is quite expensive when compared to bucks and castrated bucks. If you are planning to keep goats as pets for the first time, then don’t go for bucks since they usually are very aggressive.

They can pose a danger to the family members and even other animals in the house like cats or dogs. Bucks are meant for breeding, and they will search for does in the yard hence having no time for you. In case you lack them in the yard, they may become aggressive and rude.

Bucks have an unpleasant smell that makes them disgusting especially if you opt to raise them in your house. Castrate bucks and does happen to be the perfect choice of goat for a pet.

The castrated bucks do not think about sex all the time as their counterparts. Most of the time they tend to behave like kids, and they tend to respond to their herd quickly once they are called by name.

Castrated bucks are loving, well behaved and affectionate. I happen to make good friends with them then expect to have a great companionship. I recommend you choose a perfect castrated buck to raise a pet goat.

Number of Goats as Pets

According to the research study done by our experts, goats are sociable animals. They tend to feel lonely when they do not have the companionship of their species.

The goats might become rude, and they might also not grow happily. If you have other animals in the house, they might bond well with them.

If you intend raising goats as pets, then you are supposed to buy at least two. I recommend you purchase one doe and a castrated buck. It is not a good idea to raise a doe and buck due to the breeding issue.

If you have adequate facilities, then you can raise quite a good number of goats as pets. Keeping goats as pets mean you ought to know how to care for a goat pet.

Feeding Goats

Owning a pet goat is a good idea, but you should feed them nutritious feeds. It is not advisable to feed goats with many grains. Provide them with sufficient green plants.

Also, ensure you have availed them with sufficient minerals and vitamins. It is recommended to also provide a high amount of copper in the diet of the goats.

Raising goats for pets is an enjoyable practice but remember to provide them with salt for licking. Baby goat playing with a cat in the house is so exciting and surprising.

You can also provide them with iodized salt, cobalt, and other minerals. Molasses are a great source of vitamin A. Provide an adequate amount of fresh and clean water as per the demand.

Goat Housing

Goat shelter is compulsory. Ensure they have a well-ventilated tent. Design a small hut that can accommodate two goats. Housing is part of the pet goat care routine.

Provide the necessary facilities in the shelter like goat feeders and watering pot. Ensure the house is dry and clean throughout.

Land Fencing

Goats are excellent foraging animals. They love moving from one place to another in search of pasture and tasty food. Therefore, they are not going to stay on the farm unless it is well fenced to control their movement.

Use chicken wire and wooden fence to ensure the pet goats are secured. Make the wall long enough since goats are good at jumping and running.

Best Breed of Goats for Pet

Here are the top five best goats for a pet:

Boer Goats

Is it a good idea to raise Boer goats as pets? Well, Boer goats are excellent pets, and they tend to have a large body size suitable for the show.

They are among the top goat breeds for pets that you should consider when planning to raise goat pets in the house. Boer is a goat the right pet, and it is among the most comfortable livestock to raise.

Lamancha Goats

Can you keep a goat as a pet? Sure. It is a common practice among many people across the world not only in the United States of America.

Lamancha goats are perfect goat pet and dairy goat breed for a small homestead. They are known to produce a high amount of milk than any other goat breed in the world.

Alpine Goats

Do goats make good pets? Exactly especially alpine goats. They have engaging personalities, and funny goats love licking dogs.

They are smart and curious goats to raise as pets. My personal experience with the goat breed has been excellent so far for about a decade.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Raising Nigerian dwarf goats as pets are quite simple since they are among the smallest breeds of goats in the world. They have great features and a great producer of milk for their consumption.

Pygmy Goats

Do pygmy goats make good pets? Yes. They are absolutely the best goats to raise as pets at home. They are friendly and the group as the best miniature breed of goats.

I have never had a bad experience with the demeanor of a pygmy goat. These goats are excellent and friendly making them suitable to be raised by even young children.

Tips for Raising Goats as Pets

What do you need to raise goats? Well, there are so many things that you need before buying a pet goat. Although it is heavy-duty to raise goats as pets.

The most important things to do is to provide nutritious feeds, shelter, adequate freshwater and other vital things that goat need.

Here are tips to consider for raising goats as pets. They include:

  • Buy goats that are through with weaning. It is not advisable to buy baby goats as pets.
  • Do not castrate bucks when they are under the age of six months especially if you are planning to raise castrated bucks as pets.
  • Feed castrated bucks with less amount of grains. A large number of grains may result in urinary calculi in goats.
  • Keep your children away or stay away from rough goats since they can harm you easily. These behavior make them love quite dangerous to push games.
  • Teach baby goats on how to find useful things to chew but not chew everything on their way.
  • Trim the hooves of your goats regularly
  • Spend much time with your goat pet to create a strong bonding and friendship
  • Use a carrier if you want to travel with your goat pet around the town.
  • Make sure the goats have the right beddings that make them comfortable.
  • Design a good goat shelter that is highly secured to keep predators away.
  • Consult a professional vet in case you notice some weird symptoms on the goat pets for diagnosis and treatment.

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