Quail Nesting Boxes: All about Nesting Boxes

Quail nesting boxes are ideal for laying eggs. You may also require these boxes for roosting and security purposes of your birds.

Female quails love to lay eggs in a calm and comfortable environment. Providing these birds with quality nesting boxes will offer cozy comfort for them while laying eggs.

In this article, you will learn everything about these nesting boxes and identify ones that will suit your birds comfortably.

Quail Nesting Boxes No Bullshit Guide

Let’s dig more in-depth about these nesting boxes for your wild birds:

Importance of Nesting Boxes for Quails

Quails can be raised as pets or on a large scale for commercial quail farming. Whatever the purpose of building these birds, you will need to provide them with nesting boxes.

These boxes are ideal for laying eggs since they tend to be calm, quiet, and secure. Quails also use the nesting boxes for roosting.

If you raise them on a large scale, these boxes can make egg collection work easier. Therefore, design beautiful boxes for them.

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The behavior of Quails without Nesting Boxes

Anxiety may inflict your birds, especially when there are no nesting boxes. The rate of egg reproduction will also be hindered since they lack a comfortable and relax environment.

Egg collection from the quail cage will be a problem since they will lay eggs randomly in the cage. This also makes the eggs susceptible to breakage.

Therefore, it is recommended to provide your birds with good looking and cozy comfort nesting boxes for maximum products.

Setting Up Quail Nesting Boxes

Check the accessibility of the place you are about to set up the nesting boxes. Ensure the site is strategically located.

You can also decide to place the nest on the corner of the quail housing since the region is quiet and calm hence ideal for laying eggs.

Use smooth materials to set up nesting boxes such as corn husks, hay, leaves, and straw. Avoid using fake grass since these birds hate them.

Box Cover

Female quails love staying in a covered nesting box. The covering help to make the environment secured and quiet. Ample cover helps the bird if you are raising them in an aviary.

Covering makes the birds feel comfortable and relax while laying eggs. If your aviary is located outside, then you can use a shrub.

Button Quail and Nests

It is advisable to know the breed of your birds before thinking about constructing nesting boxes. Some birds love to lay eggs without the nesting boxes.

Button quail is an excellent example of those birds that hate nesting boxes since the dug holes in the sand and lay their eggs.

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Final Thoughts about Quail Nesting Boxes

You should have noted that quails love to lay eggs in a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment. Therefore, when you’re designing a nesting box ensure it has a cozy comfort and place in an environment that is quiet.

Also, remember to provide your birds with nutritious feeding, freshwater, a pleasant environment, and adequate comfortable nesting boxes.

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