Quail Feed Information: Quail Feeding Chart

Quails are exciting birds that are hardy and productive. Proper care and maintenance are likely to reduce in profitable business.

Therefore, it is recommended to provide them with high quality, nutritious, and well-balanced to earn a profit in the long run.

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The good news is that these birds are smaller than the standard poultry. Hence they tend to feed on low amount feeds as compared to chickens. Quails eat about 200 to 300 grams of feeds.

Also, these birds tend to start laying eggs earlier than other poultry birds. They have the capability of producing about 300 eggs per year.

To get maximum results from these birds, you need to provide them with nutritious feeds. They need proteins in their diet for maximum growth and production. 

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According to research, good quality quail feeds are not only meant for keeping them productive but also healthy by preventing common poultry diseases.

Here are ways on how to start feeding quails:

Chick Starter

You need to feed quail chicks with starter feeds immediately after hatching. Ensure the feeds contain the required amount of nutrients.

You should note that quails are wild birds and they tend to require more proteins than other poultry birds. Continue feeding the chicks with starter up to the age of 6 weeks.

Broiler chick starter should contain 23 percent protein, 1 percent calcium, 0.5 percent phosphorus, and 0.5 percent methionine.

Layer chick starter should contain 24 percent protein, 0.85 percent calcium, 0.6 percent phosphorus, and 0.5 percent methionine.

Regular Quail Feed

Grower mash is the next feeds to provide for your quails after the age of 6 weeks. Ensure the regular feeds for broilers has 19 percent protein, 0.9 percent calcium, 0.5 percent phosphorus, and 0.4 percent methionine.

The regular feeds for layers should contain 18 percent protein, 2.75 percent calcium, 0.65 percent phosphorus, and 0.45 percent methionine.

Feed Ingredients

Quails feed ingredients are readily available, and you can use the listed quail feed chart for your birds. The good news is that quail ingredients can easily be prepared on your own.

You can purchase the ingredients separately from the market and mix them on your own. Here are some of the standard feed ingredients for quails cake, rice, pasta, sweetcorn, lettuce, etc.

Breed NameNorthern Bobwhite
Other NamesVirginia quail, Bobwhite quail
Breed PurposePets, hobby
SpeciesNew World Quail
WeightBetween 130 and 255 grams
Climate ToleranceAlmost all climates
Egg ColorDull or creamy white
Egg Size/Weight8 to 13 grams
Egg Productivity12-16 eggs clutch size
Body ColorIntricately patterned in black, buff, brown and rufous
Place of OriginUnited States

Water Supply

Along with the provision of high quality and nutritious feeds, also remember to supply your wild birds with clean and freshwater.

Ensure there is an adequate supply of water to realize maximum growth and profits in the long run. Follow these steps religiously to be a successful quail farmer.

Final Verdicts

Most commercial quail farmers prefer to feed their birds with commercial chicken feeds. This is a good idea in case you do not know what to feed your birds.

Ensure you add protein and other nutrients in the diet of quails in case you opt to feed them with chicken mash. Quails are straightforward birds to breed at home regardless of whether you’re experienced or not.

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