Quail Farming In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Quail farming in Nigeria is gradually growing since it is regarded as the most profitable venture in the country. A lot of people have been said to be interested in the business as compared to other poultry birds.

The reason why many people are venturing into the business is because of the little investment, easy management, fewer requirements, less labor, high-value meat, and eggs.

A lot of myths regarding quail meat and eggs in Nigeria are driving the business to another level since the demand is too high.

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Also, quail farmers usually earn huge profits within a short period since these birds tend to grow and mature faster.

If you happen to be a small hold farmer, then this is the perfect business for you since it is likely to result in additional income.

It is a business that can be practiced by both urban and rural dwellers. You do not need any particular form of training to commence this kind of business.

Benefits of Quail Farming in Nigeria

There are a lot of benefits linked to commercial quail farming. Here are some of the common advantages related to quail farming:

  • The birds are smaller than other poultry birds hence require less space, feeds, care, and management.
  • The initial capital for starting quail farming business is quite low as compared to the chicken farming business.
  • These birds are quite easy to manage without help from other people. A single farmer can handle about 5000 birds.
  • The rate of return on investment is quite high since these birds grow and mature within a short period.
  • Quails tend to feed on a small number of feeds as compared to other poultry birds such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys.
  • The birds are hardy and robust; hence, they do not require any form of vaccination or treatment since they are rarely affected by common poultry diseases.
  • The quail products have massive demand in Nigeria. The price of quail eggs in Abuja ranges between N20 to N30, and half a kilogram of meat is about N700.
  • Quails are excellent layers, and they have the capability of laying about 300 eggs per year. A female quail start laying eggs after six weeks from hatching.
  • Commercial quail farming is an alternative source of employment in Nigeria due to a high level of unemployment.
  • A lot of Nigerians consider quail meat and eggs to be medicinal hence the high demand as well as a ready market for the products.

Step By Step Guide for Quail Farming in Nigeria

Quail farming is like a religion. You need to start step by step to be a successful breeder in Nigeria. However, it is not an easy thing by the way.

Starting quail farming business does not need any form of training, but you will only need an effective quail farming business plan.

Here are steps on how to start quail farming business in Nigeria like a pro:

Select a Location

The weather climate in Nigeria is quite favorable for quail farming. You can start this kind of agriculture almost everywhere in the country.

If you’re planning to start a commercial quail farming practice, it is advisable to start it in an area that is quiet and calm.

Also, ensure the area is free from noise and common chicken predators. The selected location should also be near good transport, clean and freshwater.

The good news is that these birds can also be raised with other poultry birds in case you do not have extra land for raising them.

Buy Cages and Equipment

Nigeria has a lot of quail cages in the market since the introduction of the birds. There are plenty of these cages, and you can choose one according to the form of production.

You can opt for raising these wild birds on the floor in case you are unable to purchase the right design cage, but this method is not suitable if you’re planning to start commercial practice.

Drinkers and feeders are also some of the most vital equipment to purchase for your quails. It is recommended to consider quail cages rather than raising them on the floor.

Purchase a Day Old Chick

There are plenty of quail breeders in Nigeria; hence, you can buy a day old chick to start the business. Most breeders charges about N800 to N1000 for about 50 quails.

It is advisable to check the breeder’s way of raising these birds before purchasing them since it will give you a rough clue on how to be a successful breeder.

Quail Feeding

To raise healthy and productive quails, you are required to provide them with a balanced diet and nutritious feeds.

Provide your chicks with chick starter feeds for the first few days of age. Once they have reached six weeks old, then you can feed them with regular feeds.

The popularity of the birds has resulted in commercial quail feeds production companies in some major cities of Nigeria.

Also, ensure the birds get an adequate supply of clean and freshwater after feeding them. This will ensure they attain faster growth.

Health Care and Management

Quails are hardy and robust. They are rarely affected by common poultry diseases. Quails are known to live happily and attain maximum growth without health issues.

Provide your birds with nutritious feeds and a healthy diet to ensure they gain a robust immune system. Also, supply fresh and clean water for them.

However, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional vet in case of some weird symptoms. The charges are quite affordable.

Marketing of the Quail Products

You need to set your strategies to reap huge profits from the birds. Established marketing strategies for the products and try to pursue them within your locality or even over the board.

The quail products in Nigeria have high demand hence no hassle when marketing their products. You can also cooperate with your friends, relatives, and local people to sell your products.

Final Verdict

Quail farming business in Nigeria is a booming business, and it about to take over the chicken farming business gradually.

It is advisable to visit an existing quail farm nearby before venturing into this profitable business on a commercial base.

Gather knowledge and experience from professional breeders to become a successful quail farmer in your locality. Good Luck.

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