Quail Farming in India: How to Start Quail Farming

Commercial quail farming in India is a lucrative venture, and it is since as an alternative source of income as well as an employment opportunity.

These birds are quite exciting and enjoyable to breed despite their economic importance in the country. The rearing system of these birds is quite easy and straightforward as compared to other poultry birds.

The birds are commonly raised for the production of meat and eggs. Research shows that a commercial quail farming practice is quite profitable when compared to ducks or chickens.

The good thing about these birds is that they can adopt different weather climates with ease. If you are planning to start quail farming business, then use the following text as a manual guide.

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Benefits of Quail Farming in India

There are a lot of advantages to associate with these wild birds. They tend to be small in size hence require less space, feeds, care, and management style.

Here are some of the common benefits associated with this kind of farming in India. Let’s get a glance now:

  • The floor space required by these birds is generally less as compared to those of the chickens and turkeys.
  • Little investment is required to start the venture
  • Have faster growth and maturity time
  • Female birds begin laying eggs at an earlier age
  • The birds have a capability of laying about 300 eggs per year
  • The eggs and meat are medicinal according to Indian culture
  • The cost of feeding and maintaining the wild birds is quite low
  • Quails can be raised together with other birds in case you lack space
  • Excellent source of income and employment in the country

How to Start Quail Farming in India

It is quite easy to start commercial quail farming practice since there is no formal training required. You can opt to raise quails with other birds on the farm.

Here are steps that can make you be a successful quail farmer in India. Let’s jump into the guide for en route to a profitable business.

Select Quail Breeds

There are about 18 different breeds of quails in the world. The good news is that all these breeds are suitable for starting commercial quail farming in the country.

Some quail breeds are reputable for commercial meat production while others for industrial egg production. Therefore, it is upon you to select the one that suits your needs and expectation.

If you’re planning to start commercial meat production, then it is recommended to go with Bobwhite (American) and White Breasted (Indian).

Other quails breeds like British Range, English White, Manchurian Golden, Pharaoh, and Tuxedo are known to be excellent layers hence suitable for egg production.

Quail Housing

Quails need proper housing since it will protect them from potential predators. Ensure the house has appropriate facilities so that they stay healthy and productive.

Most people in India prefer to raise quails in deep litter and cage systems. Each litter is known for raising about 4 to 6 birds. The birds are shifted to a cage system after two weeks.

Each cage has the capability of carrying about 100 birds since it has a space of about 3 * 2.5 * 1.5 square feet. Transfer them on a larger enclosure that can take about 50 birds once they have reached about 4 to 6 weeks.

It is advisable to keep one male quail with about three female quails for breeding. Ensure the house is clean and has proper ventilation for fresh air supply.

Quail Feeding Process

Quails are supposed to be supplied with nutritious feeds for healthy, faster growth and productive abilities. You need to feed them properly to gain profits from quail farming business.

You should not assume that an adult quail has a capability of consuming about 20 to 35 grams of food daily. The quail chicks are supposed to be provided with about 27% of protein while adult food about 22-24%.

Breed NameNorthern Bobwhite
Other NamesVirginia quail, Bobwhite quail
Breed PurposePets, hobby
SpeciesNew World Quail
WeightBetween 130 and 255 grams
Climate ToleranceAlmost all climates
Egg ColorDull or creamy white
Egg Size/Weight8 to 13 grams
Egg Productivity12-16 eggs clutch size
Body ColorIntricately patterned in black, buff, brown and rufous
Place of OriginUnited States

Quail Breeding

It is simple and easy to breed quails. The birds can also do breeding on their own. The quails attain sexual maturity at the age of about 5 to 7 weeks.

The female quails can start laying eggs at the age of 6 to 7 weeks. They are highly fertile hence suitable for commercial egg production.

The eggs take about 18 days to hatch, and the adult bird tends to weigh about 8 to 10 grams. These birds are quite sensitive to temperatures. Ensure the chicks get optimum temperature to avoid clustering together.

Care and Management

Most quail farmers are most hit by diseases and other health issues. This is the most common problem many breeders in India experience.

Therefore, it is advisable to provide them with suitable housing and ensure a proper supply of a good diet. Sufficient vitamins and minerals in regular food will help to strengthen their immune system.

You should note that there is no vaccination for quails, and this is the reason why it is recommended to take good care of them.

Marketing of the Birds

The demand for quail meat and eggs in India is so high. Therefore, there is no intention of coming up with marketing strategies when starting a commercial quail farm.

You can quickly sell quail products in the local market or big cities near your location. The meat is usually sold as a local delicacy in the street of Mumbai.

Final Verdict

Commercial quail farming in India is growing steadily, and it has excellent potential to out-compete chicken farming in the future.

You can start raising these birds with other poultry birds before venturing into commercial production practice. Good Luck.

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