Pot-bellied Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Pets & Care

The pot-bellied pig is also known as Vietnamese Pot-bellied. It is regarded as an endangered traditional Vietnamese breed of small domestic pig.

The unique features of the pig breed make them stunning and adorable as compared to other miniature domestic pigs.

The article provides information about the origin, characteristics, uses and the reason why they are regarded as the best pets for indoor.

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Pot Bellied Pig Facts

These pot-bellied swine originated from Vietnamese, and they tend to be smaller in size as compared to those standard European or American farm pigs.

These pot-bellied pigs descended from the wild boar, and they can also be used for crossbreeding with other pig breeds.

Research shows that most of the exotic pig breeds around the world have some genetic makeup of pot-bellied swine breed. The strains make them hardy and robust.

Pot-bellied pigs farming has been receiving a lot of support from both Vietnamese and Germany ministry of agriculture. This has helped to reduce the extinction rate of the swine breeds.

The pig breed has spearheaded the development of American pot-bellied pigs which have been seen to be gradually gaining popularity in the United States as pets.

Pot-bellied Pig Characteristics

Size and Weight

The micro potbelly pig is usually smaller in format when compared to the American farm pigs and European standard pig breeds.

The average weight of a mature miniature pig is about 43 to 136 kg, while the average height of the pot-bellied pigs is approximately 16 to 26 inches.

Behavior and Temperament

The micro swine breeds are calm and friendly. This is the reason why they are regarded as the best indoor pig pet in the world. They can easily be handled even by children.

Climate Tolerance

The pig breed is hardy and robust. The swine can adapt to different weather climates with ease since they require little care and maintenance.

Sometimes both the female and male tend to be aggressive. It is the reason why it is advisable to neuter or spays them at a tender age.

Growth and Maturity

The pigs grow relatively faster, and they tend to become fertile at the age of six months after birth though they are not physically developed.

The full maturity is usually at the age of six years. It is the period they are regarded as the best for meat production. The pork has a natural flavor and tends to be tasty.

Do Potbellied Pigs Make Good Pets?

Pot-bellied are excellent indoor pets. Unfortunately, they are not for everybody. The good thing about these miniature pigs is that they are meticulously clean making them suitable for indoor.

You will be expected to neuter them at a tender age, either male or female since they tend to have some strains of aggressiveness.

Neutering helps to tame the dynamic characteristics of the swine breed, and this makes them be excellent therapy animals due to their outgoing behavior.

Are potbelly pigs good for pets? Fortunately yes. The outgoing feature make them suitable for the homes of the elderly and also for children. 

Caring For Pot Bellied Pig

The swine do not smell. Hence, there is no need for bathing them in case you have petted them in the house. There are a lot of stereotypes about the breed, but I can confirm they are excellent.

The pigs usually shed their fur once per year, and this discourages the spread of fleas on the pig’s body. However, it is recommended to spray them in case you notice some symptoms of parasites.

It is also advisable to take hooves grooming seriously since they usually develop husks. Consider visiting as a vet in case of diseases.

Hoof care should be handled by the pet parent to create and increase the bond between the owner and the swine breed.

The average lifespan of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs is approximately 15 years since they are ever healthy when compared to other pig breeds.

Vaccinate them and provide a nutritious diet to prevent them from getting common swine diseases like psoriasis.

Pot Bellied Pig for Sale

The mini potbelly pig for sale are readily available in many American pig farms and also in their native are of origin.

If you happen to need a potbellied pig for sale, kindly consult the nearest pig farm or breeder to know how much they cost.

Seeking for a Vietnamese potbelly pig for sale in Vietnam is easy since almost every family in the rural area breeds them. They are typically meant for a special occasion.

Profile Overview of Pot-bellied Pig

Use the picture in order to understand into detail the physical characteristics of the Vietnamese potbellied pig breed. Here is both the picture and profile overview of the miniature domestic pig.

Breed NameDuroc Pig
Breed SizeMedium to Large
WeightBoars 227-340 kg
Sows 204-295 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Skin ColorationOrange-Brown
Place of OriginUnited States

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