Pig Farming: Step By Step Ultimate Guide

What is pig farming? Well, it is typically the practice of raising pigs as livestock, and it is regarded as a branch of animal husbandry.

Modern piggery farming is aimed at the production of pork, beacon, and gammon. Hog raising can be done as either intensive pig farming or free-range pig farming.

The article provides a step by step guide on how to start a commercial pig farming business. Follow the steps to start a successful pig farming project.

Pig Farming Facts

There are plenty of facts about pigs that only pork farmer can fully understand them. If you plan to start a profitable pig farm, then it is worth to read these facts.

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Pig farmers are the Cleanliest Barnyard Farmers

Did you know pig breeders are not stinky? Of course, yes. The hog farmers are supposed to be clean to breed healthy pigs. They are required to shower and put on specialize cloths for feeding pigs.

Piggery Farming Hinders Normal Life Routine

Raising swine breeds is not like working in the office where your day starts from 9 am to 5 pm. Here daily routine start as early as 5 am up to midnight. Pigs are known to eat a lot, and they require maximum supervision.

Pig Breeder Has Different Social Media Profile

Most people post travel pictures on social media, but for a hog farmer, it is all about featured animals. Pig business can hugely affect your social media posting and general lifestyle.

Pig Farmers Have Unique Conversation

Most breeders of pigs talk about pigs whenever they meet, and many families usually have severe discussing hogs while having dinner.

Pig Breeders’ Children Have Weird Talk about Barnyard

The kids’ of hog breeders usually have weird talks in class, especially about the testicles of the swine breeds. This is a common thing witness by many teachers.

Is It Profitable To Raise Pigs?

The debate about whether pig farming is profitable is too hot. Some people argue that it has no profits while others suggest it is a booming business to start today.

Proper planning and raising of the pigs can result in huge profits. However, starting a small scale pig farming is less profitable as compared to large scale farming of pigs.

You need to choose the right swine breeds and develop a pig farming business plan that is realistic to enjoy some of the benefits derived from hog farming practice.

If you’re planning about starting a hog farm, then read through the article to learn some of the steps on how to start a commercial pig farm.

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How Long Does A Pig Take To Grow?

Most pig breeders prefer to choose weaner piglets that are about two to three months. These piglets no longer depend on sow milk for survival.

They are raised on pasture until they reach the slaughter age. A good pig that is ready for slaughter usually weighs about 250 pounds.

Most of the piggery industry around the world prefer pigs that are six months and above. They are regarded as excellent for various products.

You not that keeping sows and raising piglets is only done by professional breeders. Starting a small pig farm means you’re well versed in pig terms.

How To Start A Pig Farming Business

Pork farming is like a religion, and you need to follow certain doctrines to be a successful pig breeder around the world.

Pig farming for beginners is tricky. But you can follow the steps listed below on how to farm pigs, and it becomes one of the famous pork farms in the world. Let’s get started.

Swine Farms Pasture

You need to have a large piggery farm with lots of grass and soil. Pigs love roaming around the farm, and it is recommended to fence the farm.

Use durable woods and trees when fencing the pig farms since large swine breeds can break then cause damage to the neighboring farm.

On a Barn or Hut

It is quite easy to raise a gilt pig on the barn. You are required to learn the pig raising basics like making barn before venturing into the practice. Learn to keep the pigs on the farm rather than free-ranging.

Get an expert for pig farm design. However, you can make the farm shelter slightly slope for easy cleaning and also set aside feeding points.

You can also construct a pool where pigs can bathe and have fun after feeding. The pool should be about 5 feet deep.

Always remember to clean the pig pens twice a week and keep the feeder pigs full throughout the day. Identify one corner of the pen and place some beautiful beddings for the pigs.

Choosing Pig Breeds

There are thousands and thousands of swine breeds around the world. It is recommended to start with a local kind first in case you are a beginner in the sector.

This is because local pig breeds are well adapted to the native climate, and they are also readily available in the market.

Some of the popular swine breeds in the market today are Yorkshire, Spotted, Poland China, Landrace, Hampshire, Duroc, Chester White, and Berkshire.

Swine Feeding Process

There is plenty of pig feeds in the market, and each feed is used for different purposes like fattening among many others.

It is recommended to consider pig feeds that have about 18% crude protein. You should never feed your pigs with table scraps and garbage.

Provide your pigs with green vegetables to help them stay healthy. Avoid giving the meat since they’re likely to add a lot of weight which can decrease profits.

Therefore, provide your pigs with about ½ cup of corn oil two times each day mixed with 1 egg 2 times each day and a ½ cup of milk replacer powder twice a day,1 tablespoon corn oil is also necessary.

Pig Shelter

Identify a clean environment for setting up a shelter for your pigs. The area selected should be free from pollution to be a successful pig farmer.

The area should make it easy to practice waste management since they can be dangerous to the piglets. Design the house of the pigs with lamps so that they can provide heat during cold spells and light at night.

Clean the house the pig livestock regularly to make it viable for farming pigs. Clean housing makes the pigs add weight rapidly hence considerable returns in the long run.

Health and Diseases

Pigs production depends on the well-being of the animals. Pig farm animals tend to be profitable if all the animals are healthy.

Consider consulting a professional vet for diagnosis in case you notice some weird symptoms such as low appetite, diarrhea, eye discharge, excessive coughing, hernia, dry skin and irregular spots on the surface, excessively long hair, backbone showing, etc.

It is advisable never to slaughter pig farm animals that are on antibiotic medications for about 21-45 days. Consult a vet before considering to sacrifice them for tests. The pig antibiotics take long to dissolve in the blood, and they are unhealthy for humans.

Bottom Line

Pig farming is a lucrative and most profitable business to start in the rural areas. However, pig breeders need to undergo some training to read more from this great practice.

Pig farming in India is meeting the economic needs of the local people, and it is also an enjoyable business to venture into it.

To farm pigs effectively, the breeder is supposed to provide healthy feeds and design a suitable shelter for both the sow pig and boar pig.

Poor management of the pigs results in low returns when you are practicing on a small scale or large scale. Practice modern pig farming to earn more profits.

You should note that hog farming is not an easy task but it is a quite attractive business to venture. Invest some right amount of money and follow the above-listed steps for pig raising ideas. Good Luck.  

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