Pekin Ducks: Origin, Characteristics & Production

Pekin ducks are domestic duck breed primarily known for the production of both eggs and meat. The duck breed has several names such as white duck, American duck, and Long Island duck.

These names have brought a lot of confusion among many potential breeders, and this is the reason why it is even misspelled as Peking ducks.

The article provides detailed information about the origin, history, characteristics, and production rate and beautiful pictures of the duck breed. Let’s jump in.

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History & Origin of Pekin Ducks

According to historical records, the fowl originated from China, and it is believed to have been breed from Mallard Duck breeds.

It is among the world’s most popular commercial duck breeds, especially in the United States of America. The fowl was first imported in the US at around 1873, and it was highly embraced by duck breeders.

Research shows that about 95 percent of duck meat consumed in the United States comes from Pekin ducks breeds. The popularity of the duck is becoming unbearable today.

The duck breed was admitted to the American Poultry Association of Standard of Perfection in the year 1874. It happens to the cause of the popularity of the ducks.

The waterfowl lead to the disappearance of Cayuga duck breeds since it was highly preferred due to the rate of maturity and productivity.

The majority of these white farm ducks are now breed in German, China, Holland and many other places in Africa as well as India.

Pekin Ducks Characteristics

Size and Weight

These are large white ducks. The average weight of the male Pekin duck is approximately 12 pounds while the female weighs about 11-11.5 pounds. The weight and fleshy body make them suitable for commercial duck production.

Climate Tolerance

The teals are hardy and robust. They have a body that can tolerate both cold and hot weather climate. They can survive in many countries across the world but remember to provide pond water for them.

Behavior and Temperament

These are brilliant birds, and they tend to quack loudly in case of an impending predator in the backyard. Moreover, they are friendly and have good temperament making them suitable for beginners.

Production Rate

The ducks tend to be functional layers if they are prevented from going broody. They lay an average of about 200 eggs per year. They also have a fleshy body which makes them suitable for commercial duck meat production.

Maturity Rate

The ducklings of Pekin ducks grow very fast. It is the reason why they are most preferred than other meat duck breeds. They are suitable for starting a commercial duck meat production business.

The lifespan of the Ducks

How long do Pekin ducks live? Well, the average lifespan of a properly maintained duck breed is about 9-12 years. How long do white ducks live? These types of Pekin fowls tend to live longer than others.

Flying Abilities

The fowls are large and heavy. These features deny them the ability to fly like other bantam class ducks. They are suitable for the backyard farming business.


 The birds are highly susceptible to brooding. The feature makes them suitable in case you want to increase the number of fowls in the backyard. Pekin ducks egg production is high in case they are prevented from going broody.

Types of Pekin Ducks

The waterfowls occur in one variety that is white Pekin only. However, several types are depending on the country of origin and development. Here are some few examples:

American Pekin

These are the ducks that originated from China and found its way into the United States. It a famous fowl in the USA, especially for meat and egg production.


These birds have some close similarities with Pekin ducks. However, they are not grouped as Pekin fowls, and they originated from Aylesbury, England.

German Pekin

This is another Chinese duck version that was breed from a Japanese upright duck breed. They have close similarities with Indian Runner ducks, but they tend to be more substantial. Pekin landed in German from France and the UK.

Jumbo Pekin

These are ducks breed from Pekin drakes and Pekin hen. The intention was to produce a duck meant for meat production. However, the ducks tend to have a short lifespan compared to Pekin’s fowls.

White Crested Duck

The duck breed originated from East Indies, and they have the same features as those of Pekin Ducks. They are not considered as part of Pekin’s fowls. Get the differences between a wild and domesticated crested duck.

Grimaud Hybrid Pekins

The fowls were developed in France by a farmer known as Grimaud Freres. These are genetically modified ducks that can lay a lot of eggs and an increase in body size for meat production. They have the same appearance as American Pekin. 

Uses of the Breed

Pekin fowls are dual-purpose ducks. They are great for meat and egg production. When do Pekin ducks lay eggs? Well, the exact period when the female starts to lay eggs is unknown, but it said to be around the fourth month.

The statistical research shows that about 95% of the restaurant in New York slaughter ducks daily since the consumption rate is too high.

Pictures of Pekin Ducks

Pictures of ducks of the below will outline the hidden features of the Pekin fowls, and you will be able to know the body conformation. Use the image to get a deeper understanding of the duck breed.

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