dutch landrace pig

Dutch Landrace Pig: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

There are plenty of facts about Dutch landrace pig breed. The research shows that they are domestic pig breeds, which are natives of Netherland....
duroc pig

Duroc Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

There are a lot of facts linked to Duroc pig breeds. The research shows that it is the oldest domestic pig breed in the...

Pot-bellied Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Pets & Care

The pot-bellied pig is also known as Vietnamese Pot-bellied. It is regarded as an endangered traditional Vietnamese breed of small domestic pig.
turopolje pig

Turopolje Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Turopolje pig breed is unique from other swine breeds. It has black spots on white or grey skin along with distinctive drooping ears.
Berkshire pig breed

Berkshire Pig Breed: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Berkshire pig breed is a domestic swine that is considered to be a highly endangered species, and this is the reason why there is...
German Angora Rabbit

German Angora Rabbit Breed Information

German Angora rabbit is a top prime breed of rabbit that every breeder will love to have them on their farm. The good looking...
American Yorkshire Pig

American Yorkshire Pig: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

There are a lot of Yorkshire pig facts some which can be confusing to many novices. American Yorkshire pig is one of the large...
american game chicken

American Game Chicken Breed Information

American game chicken portrays the original appearance of chickens before cross-breeding and hybrid breeds of chickens were developed. The American...
Blue Slate Turkey breeds

Turkey Breeds Information: Ultimate Guide

There are so many turkey breeds available across the world. However, they are not as much as duck breeds and chicken breeds....
Damascus Goat

Damascus Goat: History, Characteristics & Images

The viral video about Damascus goat tossed the mind of many people across the world. The bizarre breed has captured the spirit of many...