Tantalizing Facts About Narragansett Turkey Breed

The new twist in Narragansett turkey farming business is causing a lot of ripples on the ocean. Many people are into the business to meet the high demands of the turkey meat during Thanksgiving Day.

Unfortunately, most of the poultry hobbyist have little knowledge about the breed and this is the reason behind unsuccessful turkey farming business in recent days.

However, we got you covered. Right?

Is it important to know information about the breed of the turkey first? Yes. It is quite important since this will enable you to venture into the farming boldly.

In this article, you will discover information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics and common health problems associated with the breed.

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History and Origin of Narragansett Turkey

The breed of turkey was developed from the United States of America and it comes from a breed of Meleagris gallopavo.

The cross between the domestic turkeys and the eastern wild turkey resulted in the development of the breed.

The heritage turkey was named after Narragansett Bay and it is termed as a historic breed in North America.

Unfortunately, the breed has never been popular as bronze turkey, especially for profitable turkey farming business. Bronze turkeys are still rocking up to date across the world.

The birds have been the foundation of turkey farming in New England and it has a solid ground in Rhode Island as well as Connecticut.

According to American livestock conservancy, the breed of turkey is said to be popular in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic States.

In 1874, the breed was recognized and admitted to the American Poultry Association of Perfection.

However, the popularity of the turkey is even declining on a daily basis due to scant information about them.

The renewed interest from consumers who yearn for better living and body fitness, it has triggered the cultivation of the turkey for commercial meat production.

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Narragansett Turkey Characteristics

The following are the physical features of Narragansett breeds:

General Body Appearance

The dazzling plumage makes these birds appear very beautiful. The plumage contains different shades of color such as tan, white, black and gray feathers.

The neck and head of the birds are featherless but the beards are black with a horn-colored beak. The gray feathers are what make them different from others.

Behavior and Temperament

The birds have a calm disposition and they can easily be tamed in the yard. The calmness makes them great mothers.

However, toms can be aggressive they are bullied by other flocks in the backyard on a regular occasion.

Size and Weight

Narragansett birds are large in size but so adorable. An adult tom weighs about 10-12.7kgs while a mature hen weighs about 5.5-7.25kg.

This is the reason why they are bred for meat production either commercially or family consumption.

Climate Tolerance

The birds are strong and hardy. Their bodies have the ability to adapt to different types of weather very easily.

They have unique features that are able to withstand different weather climates across the world.

Robust and Hardy

The genes from wild turkeys make them tough and they are rarely susceptible to the common poultry diseases. Raising them is quite simple and they are even suitable for beginners.

Excellent Producers

Hens are great egg producers and the toms produce high-quality meat. These birds are suitable for commercial meat production.

Great Forager

The breed is excellent forager and they tend to feed on grasshoppers as well as insects.

This implies that they can raise on the little amount of artificial supplement feeds. Raising the birds is cost-effective as compared to other breeds.

Alternatives to Narragansett Turkeys

There are quite a number of turkeys in the market in recent days that are suitable for meat production.

In case you are unable to find Narragansett turkeys for sale then opt for the following breeds of turkey:

Bourbon Reds

The red plumage coloring make these turkeys very attractive. The delicious and flavored meat has made them be popular among many nations in Europe.

They have a faster maturity rate and this is the reason why they are the breed for commercial meat production.

Blue Slate

This is another great domestic turkey breed. The slate color of the plumage makes them astonishing when compared to other breeds. They are a great producer for meat but not for commercial purposes.

Black Turkey

These are a domestic breed of turkeys. The breed is readily available in many European countries and it is majorly used for meat production during Thanksgiving. Read more about the history and origin of black turkey.

Common Health Issues

As mentioned earlier, Narragansett birds are very strong and hardy. The gene’s qualities enable them to survive in all types of weather around the world.

These genes make them less susceptible to common poultry diseases but you only need to vaccinate them in order to make them even stronger and resistant.

However, you are supposed to keep on checking the dense plumage on a regular basis in order to spot any sign of parasites. Spray them as early as possible in case you spot them in order to avoid spreading.


If you are in need of great meat and ornamental turkeys then Narragansett is the perfect breed for you.

The turkeys contain all the qualities and mark you they are very hardy and robust.

Raising these turkeys is quite simple and cost-effective when compared to other breeds.

Do you keep Narragansett turkeys? We would love to hear their stories. Kindly share their stories in the comment box below and we will highly appreciate it.

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