Memorable Information About Midget White Turkey

Midget white turkey is a great table fowl that every family around the world should give a taste. The flavors and the quality of meat are exceptional.

The breed of fowls have scant information over the internet and a lot of hobbyists do not know how to breed them in their small farmyard.

The extinction of these amazing and mouth-watering fowls happen to the reason behind the scarce information since very few people have the clue about them.

We got you covered here….no worries.

In this post, you are going to learn some information about the history and origin of the fowl, physical characteristics and some of the health problems associated with them.

Let’s start the chase…

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History and Origin of Midget White Turkeys

The table fowl was first developed in the United States of America by Dr. J. Robert Smyth in 1960s at the University of Massachusetts.

The breed was developed to meet the escalating demand of small size broad breast turkeys. During these times, many hobbyists had small farms and they wanted something that could easily be accommodated.

Unfortunately, the turkey breed never became popular as expected and this is the reason behind the low number of midget turkeys across the world.

Further research and cross-breeding were undertaken in order to result in a great breed of the turkeys that would be loved by many people.

The table fowls have emerged to be new heritage turkeys after crossing royal palm turkeys and broad breast white turkeys.

However, the breed of turkey still remains in the hands of few individuals and the rest listed on the catalog of extinction by the American livestock conservancy.

In addition, the breed of turkeys has started growing in number in the state of Alabama and this has surprised some many hobbyists who had lost hope in them.

If you happen to be in need of midget white turkey for sale then you should visit the livestock conservancy office near you or visit the state of Alabama.

Midget White Turkey Characteristics

They include:

Size and Weight

These are relatively small breeds of turkeys. However, they tend to weigh slightly heavier than some normal large size turkeys. The average body weight for toms is 5.9kg and those of the hens are between 3.5kgs and 4.5kgs.

Behavior and Temperament

The fowls are very friendly and calm. They tend to show affectionate to the people and even the pets when they mingle within the homestead. They are regarded to be the best breed for beginners.

General Appearance

The color of the turkey is generally white and they have some close similarities with those of miniature of the commercial Broad Breasted White turkey. The broad breast make them astonishing especially when they try to move around the yard.

Climate Tolerance

The internal organs and general body structure of the fowls are quite amazing. The body has the ability to adjust very first to weather changes and this is the reason why they can survive in different weather climates.

Production Rate

The hens have the lay about 60-80 eggs per year which is considered to be exceptional when compared to other breeds. The midget white turkey egg color is pale of cream with some spots that make the dazzling. The toms are thick and fleshy making them suitable for the pot.

Strong and Hardy

The fowls are strong and hardy in nature. The feature makes them less susceptible to common poultry diseases. They also have the ability to adjust to different weather climates across the world.

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Common Health Issues

The stunning fowls are strong and hardy. These two features make them impeccable as far as common poultry diseases are a concern. They are less vulnerable and this is the reason why they are regarded as the best breed for beginners.

The gorgeous plumage needs to be checked on a weekly basis since they are highly susceptible to parasite infestation. In case you spot any symptom of lice or mites, it is recommended to take control immediately in order to combat them from spreading.


Midget white turkey is sociable to both humans and pets. They tend to approach them with much affection and concern. They are typically great breeds to be raised on small farms and even on the homestead.

Do you keep these table fowl in your homestead? We would love to hear much of their stories. Feel free to share with us on the comment form below. Thanks and much love.

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