How to Tame Quails: No Bullshit Guide

If you want to raise quails as pets, then it is essential to know about taming them. Quails are unique creatures, and they tend to tricky.

Learning various methods on how to tame quails will make the work of raising them quite comfortable. In this text, you will learn step by step guide of taming quails.

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Step by Step Guide of Taming Quails

Taming quail is a long process. The skittish behavior is what can give you a headache since they hate being picked up.

You should note that they are not natural creatures to tame as pets. Once they are fully grown, you will have a hard time taming them. You better start when they are still young.

Here are steps on how to hand raise chicks and tame them in a way that you want. Let’s find out now:

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Things to Avoid

Never should rush into taming these wild creatures. Avoid sudden movement, shouting and being angry at your birds.

Also, avoid the behavior of grabbing, chasing, and force them to eat food. These things will make your birds scared and even decide to run away.

Never Tame Quails in Flock

It is quite challenging to tame quails while in the flock. However, there are other species of quails that are naturally tough to tame.

It is advisable to adopt Coturnix and Bobwhite quails as pets since they are quite simple as well as easy to tame. Button quail are extremely hard to tame.

Take Good Care

The key to raising healthy quails merely is taking good care of them. Provide your birds with high quality feeds and clean water.

Design the right housing cage and locate it in a place that is free from disturbance. Interact with them daily as the first trick of taming them.

Give New Quails Time to Settle

If you happen to introduce new quails in the farm, try to give them enough time to settle before starting the process of taming.

They will have enough time to adjust to the new environment and always commence the process after one week. Let them get use to you through frequent interaction while feeding.

Visit the Birds Frequently

Make a habit of visiting your quails regularly. It is recommended to sit next to their cage usually so that they can have the opportunity to see you.

However, they might be scared of the initial stages but as they get used to you try to move more closely to their cage.

Take Time to Talk to Quails

This sounds crazy, but it is the perfect way for interaction. Talking with these birds daily will be a direct road to taming them.

However, do not shout to them since they might be scared once they see you roaming around the cage even while providing them with food.

Interacting with the Birds

This is the best way to tame them since they will get used to you. Try to figure out unique ways of interacting with them since they tend to vary in behavior.

Let the Birds Get Used to the Hands

Try to pick them up slowly and carefully. Make them used to be held by hands and be very cautious since they might escape.

Lay your hands in the cage regularly and this, way they might get used to your hands. Once they start to come closer, try to grab them.

Provide Food

Always use your hands to offer food to your birds and also offer them a treat that will make them happy. Remove the waste using your hands every day.

The birds will gradually become less scared, and they will get used to them. You can also feed them from your hands.

Try Petting

Try to rub them along their heads slowly and calmly. Once they are fully tamed, they will not run away efficiently.

Stop Approaching from Above

You should avoid approaching your birds from above. Quails hate picking or grab from the back since this is the way prey attack them.

Make a Routine

Make a routine of taming your quails daily and try to make it a regular chore. And try to interact with your birds for at least once a day.

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