How to Start Sheep Farming in Australia

Sheep farming in Australia is a traditional kind of occupation being practiced by many people in order to meet their daily needs. Research shows that most people in Australia start sheep farming in order to provide meat for their families.

The majority of people nowadays across the world are becoming much cautious about what they eat especially meat. The awareness came after people started realizing that they are eating imported meat that does not meet the required standards.

The Australian government is trying to be on the front line to encourage the farmers to venture into this forgotten area and maximize the profits in noble farming.

Farming is a dirty job mark you sheep farming but it takes a potential farmer to be successful in this area of farming. The roots are bitter but the fruits are sweeter.

Having invested in sheep farming for over a decade now, I would say that the return on investment is quite high and it happens within a short period of time.

Sheep farming in Australia can be a great opportunity of getting income especially for those who are unemployed and marginalized.

There are different kinds of sheep breeds in the country that you can bring onboard and get started.

Well, in this post, you will explore sheep rearing information, advantages and how to start a profitable sheep industry Australia among many other vital factors to consider. Let’s get started here.

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Advantages of Sheep Farming in Australia

Is it profitable to raise sheep? Yes. Sheep farming is a great business idea for marginal and landless people to earn extra income. The following are some of the main advantages of sheep farming:

  • Sheep are climate tolerance and robust.
  • Less care and management is required in raising sheep
  • The popularity of meat across the world is increasing on a daily basis
  • Sheep have numerous products like wool, meat, milk and manure production
  • Ewes have a high fertility rate hence can give birth to about 1-2 lambs per year
  • Sheep require less space since they can be breed with other livestock
  • There are wide varieties of sheep feeds hence can survive even on green grass, hay, plants, and weeds.
  • Sheep are not destructive as goats hence your garden trees will be safe
  • The production of the sheep is throughout the year unlike other livestock
  • The sheep wastes are great manure for garden plants or vegetables
  • Commercial sheep farming can be a source of employment
  • You can easily obtain a loan for sheep farming in various banks in Australia.

How to Start Sheep Farming in Australia

It is quite simple and easy to start the sheep industry in Australia. Depending on the disposal resources, you can either opt for small scale or large scale farming.

The following are step by step guides to start either domestic or commercial sheep farming that is profitable in Australia. They include:

Farm Location

The location of the farm is the most important factor to consider before starting a sheep farming business in Australia. Although almost all regions in the country are suitable for sheep farming, you need to consider some vital factors.

Ensure the area selected has clean and freshwater, good transport facilities, sufficient green sheep feed and the market for your products. These are some of the key factors to consider when thinking about sheep farming.

Sheep Breeds

There are plenty of sheep breeds across the world but not all of them can survive in the Australian climate. Consider sheep that are suitable for commercial production and are climate tolerance.

Here are some of the most productive sheep breeds in Australia; Aussie down, Australian White, Bond, Comeback, Coolalee, Gromark, and Booroola Merino among many others.

Sheep Housing

There are a lot of dynamics in the weather climate in Australia and it is recommended to build a good shelter in order to protect them from the harsh weather climate.

Housing costs for sheep especially those of open fields are quite affordable. You can easily design a good housing for your sheep simply by fencing a certain area of your farm.

Ensure the housing of the sheep has good drainage, enough light and also well ventilated. Remember to keep the floor of the house clean and dry.

Sheep Feeding

To make your flock healthy, disease-resistant and productive, ensure you supply them with high quality feeds. Provide fresh and nutritious feeds for your animals on a daily basis.

The good thing about sheep is that they tend to eat all the types of grasses and other edible plants on your farm. Ensure they also get adequate clean and freshwater throughout.

Note: You can read my article about Sheep Farming in the USA in order to grabs knowledge about sheep feeding schedule charts. The feeding programs of sheep are quite similar regardless of the country of residence.

Care and Management of Sheep

All animals need to be taken good care of whether they are sheep or goats. Keeping healthy animals expect high returns in the long run.

Therefore, ensure they have good housing, a balanced diet, and good health conditions. All animals are prone to infections due to diseases. Bring on board a professional vet to diagnose and treat them as early as possible.

It is good to note that timely vaccination and proper medication will always prevent all kinds of sheep diseases on your flock. Therefore, give it the first priority in whatever you are doing.


Once your animals have reached the maturity age, it is recommended to sell them on time in order to earn a profit. In the case of wool, shear them periodically and sell the product in the market. You can read my article about how to shear sheep like a pro.

Do you want to start sheep farming? Well, it is good to be well versed in the rules and regulations of your area of the resident. It is good to practice any business in accordance with the laws. Check on the available rules in order to get started.

Do you have sheep on your farm? What kind of breeds? We would love to hear more about their stories and how you got yourself into it. Kindly share the stories in the comment form below. Cheers!

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