How To Care For Quail Chicks: Ultimate Guide

There are plenty of guides on how to care for quail chicks and this is an important thing to put into consideration.

These tiny birds need special care and management in order to be regarded as a successful breeder. The general features make them be highly susceptible to harm and danger hence special care needed.

The article provides a detailed guide on how to care for quail chicks after hatching like a pro. Take your time to read the text and become a successful quail breeder.

Step By Step Guide For Caring For Quail Chicks

The good thing about quails is that they tend to grow faster and maturity takes a short period of time when compared to chickens.

Adult female quails began laying eggs at the age of six weeks and hand raised baby quails are easier to tame than wild baby quails.

Read the information below concerning caring for baby quails step by step. Let’s get started here:

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Setting up Brooder

A brooder is a special room with optimum temperature and humidity set aside for baby quails. You can make a brooder using anything so long as it is safe, warm and clean.

You can use simple cardboard to make a unique brooder for your chicks. Keep it safe and warm throughout.

Set the temperature of the brooder at around 100 F during the initial stages or you can use a heat lamp.

Keep on reducing the temperature at the rate of 5 F every week until the room reaches optimum temperature.

Monitor the movement of chicks and if the heat lamp is hot then keep the chick a little bit far. It is advisable to keep the heat lamp in the middle of the room.

Use the wood shavings to create beddings for your baby quails and remember to clean them since these birds tend to be messy.

Also, keep the feeder and bowl of water inside the brooder. It is recommended to use smaller feeders and bowls of water to easy access.

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Baby Quail Feeding

This is a very crucial step in caring for baby quails. Use special chick starter to feed your quail chicks. The feeds tend to contain all the nutrients and it should be provided for the chick for about 6-8 weeks.

Water Provision

Water is an essential component of life. Therefore, provide your chicks with clean and fresh water. Ensure the bowl is ever full of water and it should not be deep since the birds are likely to drown.

Clean the bowl at least once in a day in order to prevent common poultry diseases from affecting the chicks.

Keep Hens with Chicks

If you decide to hatch eggs with adult female quails then keep them together so that they provide the required warmth for them.

The hens will also feed their babies and protect them from potential predators. Once they are fully grown, it is advisable to separate them from their mothers.


Baby quails require more space as they grow up. It is advisable to move them in a bigger brooder as they tend to grow old.


These tiny birds love bathing hence provide them with a water tub of sand. This is ideal for bay quails. Bathing helps them to get rid of dust and also prevent the occurrence of mites, lice, and other nasty parasites.


Some of the common threats that you can offer your quail chicks are vegetables, fruits, and table scraps. You can also provide them a wide number of items and get to know what the like or hate.

Again, quails love small spiders, millipedes, woodlice, and mealworms. They are great treats for supplementing their diet.

Bottom Line

Once the chicks are fully grown, allow them to access outside after a couple of weeks. Try to be very cautious since they are highly susceptible to predators.

Keep watching them sometimes and this will enable them to adapt to the environment well. Continue caring for them until they start laying eggs and be ready for meat production.

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