Hatching Quail Eggs: How to Raise Quail Chicks

Hatching quail eggs and raising your own quail chicks is an interesting experience. Many novice quail breeders tend to find the entire experience joyful and fun.

However, many novice breeders tend to make a lot of mistakes and end up ruining their entire project in the long run.

The article provides detail information about hatching quail eggs and how to care for your quail chicks. The guide will help you on how to become a successful quail farmer in the long run. Let jump into it:

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Facts about Hatching Quail Eggs

There are a lot of myths and beliefs on how to hatch quail eggs. Many people think it is a difficult work that is meant for experienced breeders.

However, this is not the case. You can incubate and brood your quails easily. Hatching chicken eggs is similar to that of quail eggs.

Let’s find out more:

Setting up Brooder

This is the first thing that should come in your mind before purchasing any equipment of hatching eggs. You will be required to buy all the necessities before hatching the eggs.

You can use a cardboard box and a large plastic container for making your own quail brooders at home. Provide bedding, heat lamp, chick crumbles, shallow water container, shiny pebbles or marbles, etc.

The brooder is typically a small space for raising quail chicks by giving them food and water. Ensure the brooder is clean and dry throughout in order to raise healthy chicks.

Use wood shavings, paper towels, and straw to provide amazing beddings for your quail chicks. Clean the brooder at least once in a week since quail chicks are messy.

Purchase Fertile Eggs

If you do not have fertile eggs from your quails, it is recommended to purchase them from a reputable breeder near you.

Decide on the number of quail chick that you want to raise and then purchase the exact number of eggs. However, it is advisable to buy more eggs since others get destroyed in the process of hatching.

Keep male and female quails together in order to collect fertile eggs of your own instead of buying. Provide your female quails with a nutritious diet and adequate sunlight for higher production.

It is advisable never to wash the eggs since the protective layer gets destroy hence allowing bacteria to enter into the eggs.

Setting Incubator

You need to set up the incubator properly. This is the most important step to consider when hatching eggs into chicks. Here are steps that will guide you in setting up the incubator at home:

Humidity Setting: The humidity of the incubator should be set up properly. The humidity in the brooder should range between 45 to 50 percent.

However, ensure the humidity rises to about 65 to 70 percent on the 23rd day since this is the period when the chicks are about to hatch.

Temperature Setting: The optimum temperature of hatching quail eggs is about 99 °F. Therefore, ensure the incubator temperature is set well.

Incubating the Eggs

Incubating quail eggs is a religion and it needs to be followed step by step in order to be successful in the long run.

Here are some of the steps to follow when incubating the eggs:

Collecting and Keeping Eggs: Collect the fertile eggs and keep then inside the incubator. Ensure the small end face downwards while the big end upwards. Depending on the quail species, the eggs are supposed to take 17 to 25 days to hatch.

Turning Eggs: This is the most crucial part where the breeder is supposed to turn the eggs thrice in a day to avoid the embryo from sticking on the shell.

Install a turner in the incubator to perform the task automatically and remember to stop it when it is remaining three days to hatch.

Checking the Eggs: Always check the eggs in the incubator on a regular basis especially when the eggs are about to hatch. Some eggs tend to hatch earlier or late and this is normal.

Transferring Chicks: Move the chicks to the brooder after hatching immediately they are dry. The brooder should contain shallow water, chick crumbles, and a heat lamp.

Discard of Unhatched Eggs and Dead Chicks: When the due date and a number of days have passed. Discard the unhatched eggs or the dead chicks that come out of the eggs’ shell.

Quail Chicks Care

Caring for quail chick is not a simple task hence you need to be extra careful in order to be a successful breeder in the sector. Read my article about how to care for quail chicks.

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