Haryana Cow: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Haryana cow is a zebu cattle breed, and it has some distinctive features that make them stand apart from other cattle breeds.

The cattle are almost in all Asian countries, and it has also found its way to South America as well as Latin America. However, there is still scarce information about the cattle breed over the internet.

In this post, you will explore detail information about the history and origin of the breed, physical characteristics, and uses.

History and Origin of Haryana Cow

The cow originated from Haryana Zila of India. Haryana is a zebu cattle that is quite popular in both Asia and Africa. The breed has unique features that make it have the ability to adapt to different weather climates.

Most modern farmers across the world have tried to do crossbreeding between the Haryana cow and some of the exotic bulls. The result has been quite exceptional since the emerging breed tends to be productive than their parents.

The cattle breed is not accessible in the European nations since they are known not to be suitable for commercial farming activities. The production rate tends to be too low that is suitable for their consumption.

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However, the meat from the cattle is being exported all over the world, and it tends to be quite delicious once it is cooked. A lot of people love barbecue from the cattle ribs. It is also among the reasons why so many people travel to Asia for food.

Haryana Cow Breed Characteristics

Body Shape and Coat Color

The cow has a large hump on the back, and the body is well arranged as well as tight. The coat color of the cow is white with some slight ash.

Climate Tolerance

The cow is strong and hardy. The character implies that it can survive in all types of weather climates since the body system can easily adjust to changing the weather conditions.


The cow has long glossy and smooth horns. You need to careful when coming close to them since some tend to be very aggressive.


The maturity rate of the cows tends to be very slow when compared to other breeds of cattle. It is not suitable for starting a commercial dairy farm. Heifer produces a calf at the age of 4 years.

Size and Weight

The cow is usually long and comparatively thin. The average weight of a mature bull is about 400-500 kg while that of a cow is about 800-1000 kg.

Behavior and Temperament

The animals are usually friendly and docile. However, you need to be extra careful when dealing with the bulls since they might knock you down.

Uses of the Cattle Breed

The cow can produce about 3000-3500 kg of milk annually. The fat content of the milk is about 5%. The milk is always nutritious and has a thick cream.

The bulls also form the right breed for beef production. The meat is usually tasty and delicious hence building a suitable meal for the feast.

Haryana Cow Pictures

The following are some of the features derived from the picture. The features include:

  • The coat has white to a slight ash color
  • It has a healthy and tight body
  • The head is long and comparatively thin.

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