Essex Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Productivity & Pictures

Essex pig breed is a domestic pig breed that was traditional known to be small in size. The pointed ears and coat coloration is what makes them unique from other swine breeds.

However, the information about the swine hog is quite rare, and this is the reason why many pig breeders lack clear information about them.

In this post, you will learn more about the history, origin, characteristics, productivity, and pictures of the pig breed. Let’s jump in now.

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Essex Pig Origin

These pigs were developed in the United Kingdom. The pigs developed through selective breeding of wild pigs and the research shows that traditionally they used to be small with coarse black and white fur.

The breed of pig tends to be popular in the United Kingdom since many breeders found them to be comfortable and cheap to manage.

The traditional breed of pig was improved by crossing them with imported pigs around the 19th century. The improvement was made by Charles Western who brought Neapolitan pigs and passed them with Essex hogs.

 The population of the hogs kept increasing in the United Kingdom until the mid-1950s. The total population triggered the formation of the Essex Pig Society in 1997, and it is the reason behind their widespread across the globe.

Characteristics of Essex Pig

Size and Weight

It is relatively a small pig breed although the cross-breeding process has made some of them be medium-sized animals.

The average weight of a sow is approximately 90-100kg while the boar weighs about 100-110kgs. They are not suitable for commercial pork production.

Behavior and Temperament

These are calm and friendly hogs ideal for small pig farms. They can also be kept as pets since it is so easy to tame them.

Climate Tolerance

The hogs thrive well in native climate though they can still be breeds in other countries but with proper care and management.

Coat Color

The pig is typically black with broadband of white across the shoulders. These colors are what makes them unique from other breeds of pigs.

Care and Management

These pigs are excellent foragers, and this is the reason why they are comfortable as well as simple to manage. They tend to feed on a small number of artificial feeds since they can look for their food.

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The Hog Profile & Pictures

The profile and picture below outline some of the hidden features of the pig breed like the pricked ears and broadband of the white mark across the shoulders of the pig.

Age Vaccine
One Day New Castle Disease- B1 Strain
4th & 5th Week Fowl Pox
6th Week New Castle Disease- (R2B)
8-10 Week Vaccine

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