Dutch Landrace Pig: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

There are plenty of facts about Dutch landrace pig breed. The research shows that they are domestic pig breeds, which are natives of the Netherland.

The pig breed is also known as Netherlands Landrace and Nederlands Landras. They have distinctive features that make them unique from other pig breeds.

The article provides in-depth information about the origin, characteristics, production rate, and pictures of Dutch landrace pigs.

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Dutch Landrace Pig Origin

The pig breed originated from Netherland, and they were developed from the indigenous landrace pigs. The pigs have also been crossbred with landrace pigs from the neighboring countries.

The research shows that they contain some strains of Danish Landrace pigs and German Landrace pigs. The pig breed has found its way to East, North, and South of the Netherland due to the high demand from pig breeders.

If you intend to start commercial pork production, then consider the pig breed since it is a meaty and efficient breed of pig.

The 1978 study done by experts shows that the pig breed is responsive to the halothane test, which can be used to weed out individuals with low projected survivalist and meat production.

The international trading activities have facilitated the widespread of pig breed, and it has found its way in Spain as well as Japan.

Characteristics of Dutch Landrace Breed

Size and Weight

The pigs are medium to large size animals. They have a healthy appearance like other landrace pigs, but the ears are drooped.

The average weight of an adult boar is between 226 and 318 kg while that of a mature sow is about 204 to 272 kg. The meaty weight makes them suitable for starting commercial pig farming.

Climate Tolerance

The pigs are hardy and robust. They can survive in different weather climates across the world. It the reason behind the massive importation to Japan and Spain.

Behavior and Temperament

The pigs have an excellent sense of smell and also intelligent breeds. They are ever clean. They are calm and suitable for starting pig farming business regardless of the experience.

Productivity Rate

Both the sows and boars are fertile. They tend to give birth to a good number of piglets. The sows happen to be good mothers hence take care of the piglets until they mature. The fleshy body makes them suitable for pig meat production business.

Skin Color

The pigskin is entirely white, with a pink body. The color of the skin makes it easy to spot any symptom of disease affecting the flock.

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Uses of the Pig

The pigs are meaty and efficient. What is the Landrace pig known for? Well, they are typically known for meat production. They can also be used for crossbreeding and improving other pig breeds.

Landrace Pig Profile & Pictures

Dutch landrace swine are clean. Use the picture to get the detail and other hidden physical feature of the swine breed.

Breed NameAngeln Saddleback
Nick NamesAngler Sattelschwein and Danish: Angler sadelsvin
Breed SizeLarge
WeightBoars 350 kg
Sows 300 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorBlack with a white belt around it’s body at the forefeet
Place of OriginGermany

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