Duroc Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

There are a lot of facts linked to Duroc pig breeds. The research shows that it is the oldest domestic pig breed in the world and commonly found in the United States.

If you plan to start duroc pig farming business, then it is worth to learn more information about them. A lot of breeders rush into animal farming without gathering adequate information about the animal.

The article provides detailed information about the history, origin, characteristics, production rate, and uses of the Duroc pig breeds.

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Duroc Pig Origin

The pig breed originated from Africa, but further developments were done in New England at around 1800.

The Duroc breeds of the pig were imported to Europe from Guinea cast during the slave trade period. The pig breed shows some strains of four shoats from Spain and Portugal.

The recent development of modern duroc pigs has features similar to that of the Jersey Red and New York’s older Duroc.

The pigs were mainly used for shows in the 1950s, but they are now bred for meat production. The hard muscles and fast growth make them suitable for commercial pork production.

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Characteristics of Duroc Pig

Size and Weight

The pig breed is medium size and has a relatively long body shape. The slightly dished mouth make them unique when compared to Berkshire pig breeds.

The average weight of a mature sow pig is approximately 204-295 kg while that of a sophisticated boar weighs about 227 to 340 kg. These fleshy muscles make them great meat producers.

The shape of the Ears

The breed has ears that are drooping hence they are not held upright. It is the feature that makes them look similar to Jersey Red Pig though they are not that large size.

Skin Color of the Pig

The skin coloration of the pig is orange-brown. However, coloration usually varies. It ranges between light golden shade and a deep mahogany red.

Climate Tolerance

The breed of pigs is hardy and robust. The feature enables them to withstand different weather climate. The hardiness also makes them grow fast and develop fleshy muscles.

Behavior and Temperament

The pig breed is described as one of the least aggressive breeds of pigs. They have relatively calm temperaments making them suitable for novice breeders.

Production Rate

The pigs grow relatively faster, and they tend to produce a good number of litters. They are regarded as suitable for increasing the number of flocks on the farm. They are also ideal for starting large scale pig farming business.

Uses of the Pig Breed

The growth rate of pig breed is quite fast. The muscles increase, regardless of the climate. They are happy in both cold and warm weather.

The high amount of weight in both sows and boars make them suitable for start duroc pig meat production business.

Duroc Profile & Pictures

The picture and profile overview will help to determine the Duroc pig pros and cons. If you happen to need Duroc pig for sale, visit the nearest pig breed farm and pick the one that meets your specifications.

Breed NameDutch Landrace
NicknameNetherlands Landrace and Dutch: Nederlands Landras
Breed SizeMedium to large
WeightBoars 226-318 kg
Sows 204-272 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Place of OriginNetherlands

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