All You Need to Know About Dominique Chicken

Dominique chicken is also known as pilgrim fowl or dominicker. It is the first chicken breed to be developed in the United States during colonization.

The chicken breed is known to preserve the American heritage and this is the reason why the breed is rapidly growing across all the states.

The main intention of developing the breed was typically meant to provide food for the settlers who came to America during colonization.

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The good news is that the breed is a total dual-purpose breed and sometimes back, it was regarded as a multipurpose breed since it used to provide feathers used to make pillows apart from providing eggs and meat.

In this post, you will discover information about the history and origin of Dominique chicken, breeding, physical characteristics and some of the popular reasons why they are loved by many poultry keepers. 

Dominique Chicken Breed Information

There is a vast history of the origin of the chicken breed. The breed is believed to be have been originating from New France and it was brought into America by pilgrims. This is the reason why it was initially known as pilgrim fowl.

The name Dominique was derived from birds that were brought from a French colony known as Saints Dominique currently called Haiti.  

These are the birds that are behind the development of Dominique breed of chicken in America. The breed of chicken has enjoyed plenty of popularity since the 1920s.

In the 1970s, the birds began to become extinct but thanks to livestock conservancy in America that help to keep some of the breeds in their backyard.

Due to the recent demand for the breed, it has also gained its popularity and it is among the most searched breed of chicken over the internet as compared to other breeds of chicken.  

Characteristics of Dominique Chicken


It is quite difficult to spot the difference between Barred Rocks and Dominique chickens. But the comb brings out vivid differences. Dominique has rose comb while barred rocks possess a single comb.

The plumage of the chicken has less contrast between black and white. The cuckoo pattern makes them stand out when compared to barred rocks.

The eyes of the breed are reddish bay while the wattles and the comb are red. The beak of the chicken is short and stout. The breast is round and full.

Size and Weight

Dominiques are medium to moderate size with a concave back. Dominique roosters weigh about 3.2kgs while the hens 2.3kgs. This body size and weight make them be good meat producers as compared to various chicken breeds.

Egg Production

Dominique hens are medium size and light in weight. They are known to produce brown eggs. They approximately produce 4 eggs per week that total up to 270 eggs per year.

Today, the hens are known to be good egg layers as compared to the past and they are prone to brooding. They also tend to be good mothers after hatching since they are very attentive to their chicks.

Temperament and Behavior

Dominique chickens are ever calm and gentle in nature. They are great foragers and this makes them do well in free-range conditions. They also have the ability to tolerate confinement.

Reasons to Love Dominique Chicken

Egg Productivity

Dominique hens are great layers and they can enhance adequate supply eggs to the family throughout the year. If you are a lover of eggs then the breed is the best choice for you.

Climate Tolerance

The birds have genes that make them be hardy and this is why they can survive in any weather condition. They can do well in both cold and hot weather.

Meat Production

The chicken breed is moderate and large in size. This is the reason why they are a great producer of meat. The breed was initially developed with the intention of providing meat to the settlers.

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Health Issues and Special Needs

Dominique is hardy and robust chickens that have no health issues. The rose comb enables them to withstand cold temperatures that cause frostbites.

You need to check the dense feathers of the chicken since they are highly susceptible to parasites like lice and mites. Adopt various pest control measures in order to combat them.


The breed of chicken is the best family flock that you can never afford to miss rearing at home. It has all the qualities for a good breed to manage and handle in the backyard.

The breed has a low maintenance cost and can produce a great number of eggs for the family. In case you have this American gem in your backyard, we would like to hear more stories about it in the comment below.

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