Differences Between Male and Female Quail

It is quite easy and straightforward to tell the difference between male and female quail. However, you will be expected to wait for a couple of three weeks to figure out their sex.

At the age of three weeks, all the quail chicks usually have well-developed adult feathers, and this is the reason why it easier to make the distinction.

There are plenty of quail breeds around the world and telling the gender of each species is the same as the techniques used in this guide.

Ultimate Differences between Male and Female Quail

The study of telling the distinction between male and female quails was based on Japanese quails. However, understanding the gender differences of quails is similar. Let’s find out:

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Size of the Birds

The format usually tells more about gender differences. Female quails tend to be heavier than male quails.

According to our research, the average weight of a female quail ranges between 112 and 156 grams while that of their counterpart male is about 100 to 140 grams.

The appearance of the Breast

The breast is another method of determining the gender of your birds. It is advisable to examine the color and the speckles of the chest.

Study shows that female quails tend to have light-colored breast while the male quails have the dark-colored chest. The distinction can easily be seen in Japanese, Italian, and Red Cap quails.

Examine the Underside

Some quail breeds are pretty tricky to tell gender differences. For instance, understanding the gender differences of Texas quails breeds is tough.

Examine the underside of the quail in such situation and observe the cloaca by blowing feathers away. Male quails tend to have a small bulge that generates foam after pressing gently while female quails lack the bulge and foam.

Distinction in Behavior

Here you will need to be a little bit careful to spot the differences between the male and female quails. Female birds are calmer towards each other, but the male is generally aggressive.

Male quails tend to attack each other more frequent. Hence, it is advisable to breed them in ample space so that they can randomly mingle.

Listen to their Voices

Male birds are known for calling their female counterparts, but this behavior is also seen in some female species of quails.

Male quails tend to be louder than female, especially during mating season. Male tend to crow at night to attract a female for mating.

Observe them during Mating Season

Mating season is also a perfect method of identifying the sex of quails. Female birds tend to build the nest for laying eggs, but some species even male counterparts are involved.

Therefore, it is not advisable to rely on the method to identify the gender of your quails since it is not that great.

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