Everything about Derbyshire Redcap Chicken Breed

Derbyshire redcap is an old English pheasant fowl that is known to have occurred initially in Derbyshire. The redcap indicates that the breed has a large red-comb.

This is an interesting breed that looks amazing and attractive as far as the general outlook is a concern. It is also known as Coral. There is a lot of vast information about the breed and now lets us swim into the action.

In this series of chicken breeds, get ready to explore the history and origin of Derbyshire chicken breed, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are highly loved by many poultry farmers around the world.

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History and Origin of Derbyshire Redcap

This is the oldest dual-purpose British chicken breed that developed around 1870 in the Derbyshire region. In the year 1920, the chicken started to become popular especially in the Southern Pennis.

The native English bird was developed from crossbreeding Dorkings, Golden Spangled Hamburg’s, Old English Pheasant Fowl and Black-Breasted Redbirds.

According to our research, the breed of chicken has a close relationship with the Lancashire Moonie and the Yorkshire Pheasant. Most beginners in poultry keeping find it hard to differentiate between the breeds.

The chicken breeds are still scarce in some countries since they have not gained popularity as most of them still remain in the home country.

In the year 1888, the redcap chickens were admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection and the American Livestock Conservancy still lists this breed as an endangered species.

Characteristics of Derbyshire Redcap Breed

Size and Weight

The gamefowl is generally large in size. The matured chicken roosters weigh about 3.4 kg while the hens weigh about 2.75 kg. The birds have thick and fleshy bodies that enable them to be suitable for both meat and eggs.

Temperament and Behavior

The birds are great flyers and they do not like to be in a confined place. They are very happy especially if they are left to roam in the yard without any restrictions. Make sure to separate them from docile breeds since they will always peak them.

Production Rate

Redcap is a dual-purpose breed since its development. They produce high quality of meat and the number of medium size eggs. They are also known to be poor sitters but great foragers.

Ideal Climate

The game fowls can survive in almost all types of climate. They can do well in both cold and warm weather climate.

Reasons to Love the Chicken Breed

Great Egg Producer

The hens from the breed are known to be a great producer of eggs simply they do not go broody at all and they tend to lay eggs in both winter and summer seasons. If you are in need of a continuous supply of eggs then this is the right breed for you.

Hardy and Robust

The chicken breed can do well in all climate weather. This is the reason why they are quite popular among the poultry hobbyist.

Attractive and Appealing

The arrangement of the points on the comb and the general outlook of the bird is quite appealing. It is the right breed of chicken to include in your flock in order to make the coloring more appealing than ever before.

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Health Issues and Special Needs

Redcap chickens are hardy and this is why they do well in all climate conditions. They have strong genes that make them almost resistant to almost all types of poultry diseases.

The funny thing about them is that they are highly susceptible to parasites like lice or mites. Always be on a watch out in order to combat them as early as possible.


Derby shire redcap chickens are great breeds to have on the farm especially if you are the lover of eggs and chicken meat. This is the perfect breed of chicken for you. However, they tend to mature slowly and this makes them unfit for commercial purposes.

If you have the breeds in your yard, kindly share with their stories and we will highly appreciate it. Use the comment form below.

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