Badass Facts About Delaware Chicken

Delaware chicken is a new breed that is fast-growing and spreading across the world rapidly. The breed of chicken was popularly known for meat only until the late 1940s when things turn around.

As some years continued to move after the 1940s, the breed almost became extinct but thanks to few individuals farmers who were dedicated to keeping the breed up to date.

In this roundup post for chicken breeds, you will discover more about the history and origin of Delaware breeds, physical characteristics and some of the reasons why they have become popular in recent days.

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Delaware Chicken Breed Information

The breed originated from the state of Delaware in the United States. The breed came into existence after cross-breeding between Barred Plymouth Rock roosters on New Hampshire hens.

The main intention for the breed was for the production of broilers only. George Ellis of Delaware decided to continue crossbreeding until he got the finest recessive gene that was capable of producing eggs and high-quality meat.

The name of the breed was originally known as Indian rivers before it was changed to Delaware chicken breed. The success of the breed has seen it spread around the world in recent days.

Characteristics of Delaware Chicken

Egg Production

Delaware breeds are excellent layers of four huge brown eggs per week. These breeds rarely go broody and in case you want to increase your flock then use an incubator for hatching.


These birds are calm and friendly. I can confirm this behavior since I have kept them personally. However, there are some strains of the birds that may be noisy to some extent but not always.

The calmness behavior has made them be also known as lap chicken. Most of the folks in Delaware State usually keep them as pets.

Size and Weight

Delaware is a breed of chicken that is medium size with a long, broad and deep body. The male chickens weigh about 7-8 lbs while the female counterparts about 6lbs. This weight is what makes them be suitable as a dual-purpose breed.


The male chicken is more handsome especially the tailing and the area around the neck. The bird is ever white in appearance. The comb has 5 points and the wattles, as well as the earlobes, are red in color. The skin and legs are yellow while each foot has four toes.

Reasons to Love Delaware Chicken

Great Layers

Delaware is excellent egg layers and in case you are in need of eggs for commercial purposes then this is the right breed for you. They also are a great producer of delicious and tasty meat. These are some of the reasons why they are loved by many folks in the state.

Friendly and Calm

This bird is docile and friendly. However, they can be aggressive if they are afraid which a normal thing to all livestock at home. This behavior makes them easy and simple to manage even by your children.

Faster Growth Rate

The chicks of the breed after hatching usually mature and grow very fast. This increases the chance of producing more breeds in your backyard. They can also be profitable in case you have the intention of breeding and selling them.

Health Issues and Special Needs

These are very healthy birds like no other on this planet earth but they are susceptible to parasites since they have dense feathers.

Pay a lot of attention to the comb since they are highly susceptible to frostbites. Apply little Vaseline on the comb regularly in order to combat the injuries.

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Delaware breeds are more suitable for the urban and suburban homestead. The bird has the ability to lay a lot of eggs and produce high-quality meat that can be suitable for a family meal.

If I want to replace some of my flocks then I will replace them with Delaware chicken breeds. I have always had a successful experience with them for the past couple of years.

In case of any stories or comments about the breed kindly share with us on the comment box below and we will appreciate it.

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