Danish Protest Pig: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Danish protest pig is also known as Husum Red Pied. The pig breed is regarded as the world rarest and unique pig breed.

The rare domestic pig breed has scant information, and many breeders have no clue about their origin, productivity, and hidden physical features.

The article provides in-depth information about the history, origin, characteristics, and productivity of this rarest domestic swine breed.

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Origin of Danish Protest Pig

The swine breed is known to have originated from North Frisia in Southern Schleswig at the beginning of the 20th century.

The pig breed was raised during the time Danes was living in the area under Prussian rule when rising Danish flag was prohibited, and instead, people opt for protest hog.

The general appearance, especially the pig colors used to resemble the Denmark flag colors, and it is the reason why it was used widely.

The swine breed was used to identify the cultural identity of Denmark, and it happens to a typical kind among many pig breeders.

Danish Protest Pig Characteristics

Size and Weight

The hog is a large-sized pig breed, and it is the reason why it is an ideal breed for meat production. The average weight of a mature sow is approximately 300 kg while that of the boar is about 350kg. They have an average height of about 92 cm.

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Behavior and Temperament

The hogs are very active and calm in temperament. They are suitable for starting a pig farming business for novice breeders though they are rare breeds at the moment.

Climate Tolerance

The pigs are hardy and robust. They have the capability of withstanding different weather climate. However, they tend to thrive well in the native weather climate.

Color of the Skin Coat

The swine breed is usually red with a white vertical belt and strains of the flat white belt. It is the feature that makes them stand out from other swine breeds.

Productivity Rate

The sows are highly fertile, and they tend to give birth to a good number of piglets. They are ideal breeds for starting commercial pork meat production. Unfortunately, the pig breeds have become extinct.

Maturity Rate

The hogs tend to grow fast since they are known to have been developed as a result of crossing Holsteinian and Jutlandian marsh pigs, the English Tamworth pig and red variants of the Angeln Saddleback.

Pig Breed Profile and Pictures

Use the pig profile overview and the images to get to know other hidden physical features of the pig breed. Here is the deal:   

Breed NameEssex
Breed SizeSmall
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorBlack with a broad band of white across the smoulders
Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

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