Dairy Farming in India: Comprehensive Cheat Guide

Here is the thing:

There are many articles and tutorials over the internet that will teach you how to start a profitable dairy farming in India.

Most of those blog post will educate you on the mechanics of cattle farming in India, what to do and what not to do. To some extent, most of them are crap when it comes to application.

Read them, and you can learn how to start a dairy farm in India. Heck, according to dairy farming in India project report, several people have tried this kind of agriculture despite reading various documents but end up failing.

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But if you dream more significant, if you want to know how to start a dairy farm in India that cuts through the various challenges and earn you huge profits, then you need something better than a run-of-the-mill tutorial.

You need a no bullshit guide.

In this post, this no-bullshit guide, we will share tips used by professional farmers to start a profitable dairy business in India that has to enable them to earn enormous profits for an extended period.

You will also learn some of the challenges they encounter and how to polish them up before commencing your dream.

These are the secrets many institutions will require you pay to learn. However, I have to build them for free, and it will cost you nothing at all. You are only required to spend five minutes of your time to get them right.

Let’s jump in.

Importance of Milk Farming in India

Want to know some of the benefits of modern dairy farming in India? Well, there are quite many, and this is the reason why India dairy farming is flourishing.

Here, I’m describing some of the top benefits of a modern dairy farm in India. The benefits include:

  • Dairy farming is an ancient business in India. Therefore, if you start it then don’t get worried about marketing. The demand for dairy products in India is evergreen throughout the year.
  • Dairy farming does not cause environmental pollution, and it is termed by experts as an eco-friendly kind of business.
  • Cow farming in India does not require any form of skilled labor. You can quickly start a small dairy farm design with family labor.
  • India is a country with a large population of unemployed educated people. A most modern dairy farm in India acts as a source of employment for them.
  • The weather climate and environment in India are suitable for both native and foreign cattle breeds. Also, there are quite a good number of highly productive native and foreign cattle breeds in the country.
  • Financial institutions and local NGOs in the country are offering loans for setting up the best dairy farm in India.

How to Start Modern Dairy Farms in India

Starting a dairy farming business in India is a never-ending battle. What does this statement mean? Well, setting up either a small dairy farm or a large dairy farm in India is not easy.

Setting up a profitable Indian cow farm requires you to follow several steps, and some of them tend to be very complicated. The worst of it all is the cost.

The cost of setting up a dairy farm in India is too high, but you do not need to be a business mogul to venture into this area.

Here are the tips that will help you set up a simple dairy farm in India and later earn a good profit in the long run. They include:

  • Decide on the goals and objectives of your dairy farm.
  • Revisit the commercial dairy farm in your area. Get a professional dairy farmer to be your mentor. This will help you to learn about secrets and systems of farming.
  • Analyze every event in the commercial dairy farms that you are visiting to have a detailed report.
  • Consult the nearest veterinarian about the possibility of starting dairy farming in your area.
  • Work from an existing dairy farm in your area for about six months to grasp the necessary skills and experience.
  • Locate where you will get the cattle feeds and medical assistance in your area
  • You are needed to recruit some employees on the farm to offer support.
  • Visit your local market to be able to note the demand for dairy products, competition and also prices.
  • Enroll for a training course to learn more and more about modern dairy farming business in India.
  • Draft a dairy farming business plan to help you source for finances from financial institutions or local NGOs.

No Bullshit Guide for Dairy Farm in India

Here are some of the steps that you need to put into consideration before thinking on how to start a profitable dairy farming business in India. The steps include:

Cattle Breeds

India has a good number of productive native and foreign breeds. You can pick any of them. You can decide to raise both cows and buffaloes under the same shed but different rows.

The milk from cows has low-fat content when compared to the milk from buffaloes. It is recommended to do a market survey and see which dairy product has a high demand.

If you intend to start commercial dairy farming in Badhawari, Murrah, Jaffrabadi, Surti, and Mehasani, then I recommend buffaloes breed such as Tharparkar cattle, Sahiwal cattle, Gir cattle, and Red Sindhi cattle breed.

The weather climate is India is favorable even for exotic cattle breeds which are considered to be highly productive. Some of the popular foreign kinds in India are Jersey, Holstein Friesian, and Brown Swiss among many others.

It is always advisable to keep in the market while deciding on which breed of cattle rear in the dairy farm in India. Always opt for the best cow for a dairy farm in India.

Cattle Housing

If you want to have healthy animals that are free from common livestock diseases and they are also productive then consider providing suitable housing.

Ensure the cattle shelter has adequate space to allow them to be productive. It is advisable to create 40 square feet inside the shed and 80 square feet open space for each dairy cow.

If you intend to start with about 20 animals, then you will be required to have about 3000 square feet of land. The kind of area is suitable for small scale dairy farming business in India.

Medium-scale to large scale farming will require you to have 13,000 to 15,000 square feet space. Ensure the housing has all the needed facilities of cattle.

Feeding Requirements

You are required to provide excellent and high nutritious cattle feeds to your herds so that they can enjoy good health as well as be productive.

Add a lot of green pasture in their diet regularly since they are considered to be highly nutritious. These feeds enable the cows to be productive and also reduce the cost of feeds on the cow dairy farm in India.

Create a large grazing farm for them if possible and remember to provide an adequate amount of fresh and clean water.

You should note that milking cows require a high amount of water and the research from our experts show that a milk-producing cow needs five liters of water for producing one-liter milk.

Cattle Management and Care

To be a successful dairy farmer in India, you are required to take good care of your livestock. The requirement will enable you to keep your animals free from all types of cattle diseases.

Always remember to vaccinate your animals at the right time. Ensure there is plenty of nutritious feeds and clean, freshwater. Bring on board a professional veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment of sick animals.


The demand for dairy products in India is so high, and therefore, marketing should not give you a problem. You can sell your dairy products to almost every part of the country with ease.

Therefore, do not get worried about the issue of marketing since the dairy farming business in India is an old industry. Get a perfect dairy farming business plan and set the ball rolling now.

Challenges Facing Milk Farming in India

I have been in the business world for so many years, and I know every business has its unique challenges. The same thing applies to commercial dairy farming in India.

Running a business is like engaging in a never-ending battle, and you are expected to have the right armor to conquer the issues.

Here are some of the common problems experienced by dairy farmers in India while pursuing their dairy farming businesses. The issues include:

  • The cost of feeds and infrastructures in India are very high hence inhibiting the progress of commercial dairy farming.
  • The total expenditures are usually high compared to profits since most farmers do not know the value of the green pastures on their land.
  • Most farmers in India are not conscious of the breeding process, and this is the reason why most of them get a low amount of milk.
  • Dairy farmers are required to be alert throughout by taking good care of the animals and also being hardworking. Most farmers usually employ family members in managing commercial dairy farms, and this is the reason why most of them shut down after some years. You need to hire professionals in the dairy farms.


You should note that every business has its advantage and disadvantages. However, commercial dairy farming in India is quite profitable on average. If you intend to start this kind of business, then learn something about it and even visit the nearest commercial dairy farms to get experience as well as skill.

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