No Bullshit Facts About Cubalaya Chicken Breed

Cubalaya chicken breed is the most common but rare breed of domestic chicken in Cuba. The breed is the most gorgeous and popular for the exhibition. It also has some of the amazing features ever.

The domestic chicken is a multi-purpose breed that every poultry keeper has the desire to have them in their backyard. The attractive appearance and behavior make them be the most popular breed.

In this series of chicken breeds, you will explore more information about the origin and history of the cubalaya breed, physical characteristics and the reasons why so many chicken hobbyists love them.

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History and Origin of Cubalaya Chicken

The breed of chicken was originally developed in Cuba before being imported to the United States of America in 1939.

The birds are known to have been bred independently from the scientific tools though they have been selectively been bred to produce much higher qualities in recent days.

The breed of chicken was later admitted in the American Association’s Standards of Perfection in 1939 which is the same year it was introduced in the European countries.

There is a lot of history about the breed and the improvement done of the chicken breeds was to improve its purposes like ornament, meat and egg production.

The ancestral land for this game fowl is the Philippines and in the 1800s, it was brought in Cuba where further advancement was conducted to improve it. 

Characteristics of Cubalaya Breeds

Size and Weight

The chicken breeds are known to grow and mature fast. They have an amazingly large body size when compared to other breeds. The standard weight of the rooster chicken is 1.54kg while that of the hen chicken is1.24kg.

Climate Tolerance

The birds have genes that enable them to tolerate the heat. However, they have the ability to survive in other different weather conditions.

Temperament and Behavior

Cubalaya breed is active and hardy. The activeness help to alert other flocks in the yard in case of impending dangers. Unfortunately, the chickens are not good for confinement since they are flighty.

Egg Production

Crossbreeding helps to improve cubalaya breeds further and this is the reason why they are known they are also great layers in the market today. The hens from the breeds lay about 200-300 eggs per year.


The chicken occurs in different colors black, redbreast and white. The uniqueness is what makes these birds be popular across the world.

Reasons to Love Cubalaya Chicken Breeds

Shows Affectionate Love

Most people love this breed of chicken since they ultimately show affectionate love to them especially when they step into the yard while feeding. They tend to be very calm and gentle to the breeder but hostile to other flocks.

Excellent Foragers

The good thing about this breed is that they can feed their chicks while roaming in the yard with natural occurring insects. This is because they are great foragers and therefore, the cost of maintaining them is quite affordable as compared to other chicken breeds.

Great Brooders

If you want to increase the number of birds in your yard then this is the right breed for you since they lay a good number of eggs though they are highly susceptible to brooding. The chicks grow and mature faster as compared to other breeds of chickens.


Chickens have multi-purpose qualities. They have a reputation for producing the most delicious meat and nutritious eggs. They have produced feathers for making traditional ornaments.

Health Issues of Cubalaya Breed

The gamefowl is robust birds and they have the ability to withstand warm conditions. You need to provide adequate housing and shelter for them during cold winter seasons.

Although the breed is endangered species, there is no report about the common health problem associated with them.

Raise them according to the required standards and you will enjoy the multi-purpose features from them for a long period of time.


Although cubalaya chickens are calm and friendly, they tend to be aggressive toward other flocks in the backyard. They only tend to develop a good rapport with the breeder alone.

In case you have these chickens in your yard, we would like to hear more stories about them in the comment below. Thank you for staying and continued reading chicken breeds information from us.

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