Mind-Blowing Facts About Crevecoeur Chicken

Crevecoeur chicken is a rare species of chickens that are still in existence. A lot of people still do not have a clue about these types of chickens.

These chicken breeds still remain the most stunning breeds among others in the world and I have personally tasted them from the few chicks I got from livestock conservancy.

In this series of chicken breeds, you will discover more information about the history and origin, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are popular in some countries.

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History and Origin of Crevecoeur Breed

The breed of chicken was first discovered and developed in Crèvecoeur-en-auge which is a Normandy region in France. The historic bird is named after the community of Crèvecœur-en-Auge.

The historical research shows that the breed of chicken has a close relationship with la flèche chicken though there are some slight differences.

The real origin of Crevecoeur Chickens is still unknown but they are considered to be the oldest breed of French chickens.

The extinction of breed begun during the first and the Second World War. However, there are a few numbers of chickens that are still being protected by livestock conservancy.

The American Associations’ of Standard of Perfection admitted the breed of chicken into the club in 1874. The endangered species of chickens has been proven to be the best in terms of eggs and meat production.

Characteristics of Crevecoeur Chicken 

Body Appearance

The breed of chicken has well-proportioned bodies with short legs. They are typically solid black in color. The crest and beards are compact but with moderate size.

Size and Weight

The birds look small but they are muscular in nature. The rooster chickens weigh 8 lbs and females weigh 6.5 lbs. This is the reason why they are known to be great meat producers as compared to other breeds of chicken.

Temperament and Behavior

The breeds of chicken are typically calm and docile in nature. This behavior gives them the ability to tolerate confinement and also interact peacefully with other flocks in the yard.

Ideal climate

Crevecoeur breed is a French heritage breed that has tough and strong genes. These features enable them to withstand different weather climate across the world.

Reasons to Love Crevecoeur Chicken

Beautiful Breeds

The birds occur in different varieties in terms of colors. This can give you an opportunity to pick the color of your tastes and preferences. However, the general outlook of the birds is quite amazing.

Great Meat Producer

The chickens are typically known for the production of meat. In case you are a great lover of the chicken breed then this is the right breed of chicken to keep in your yard for meat production. The bird has the most delicious meal I have ever tasted in the world.

Friendly and Loving

These French traditional birds are very friendly and calm. Most people prefer to keep them in their yard to improve the coloring in the flocks. They can be tamed and handle with ease even with children. They show affectionate love to their owners by following them.

Health Issues of Crevecoeur Breed

These traditional French birds are very strong and tough. They cannot easily be affected by common poultry diseases.

You only need to keep watch on the dense feathers for parasites. This parasite can make them be stunted in growth in case they are not treated on time.


If you are in need of hardy and strong birds then Crevecoeur is the perfect breed for you. I have personally kept in Zepa Farm for a couple of years and for sure they are great breeds.

You can just comment below in case you have them in your yard so that we can share their stories more. But these are great chicken breeds to keep them on your farm though they are very extinct in the recent days.

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