Interesting Facts about Cream Legbar Chicken

Cream legbar chicken is a world wonder heritage. Every poultry keeper around the world is having the desire to keep the breed of chickens in their backyard.

Cream legbar is the world’s most auto-sexing chicken breed that is tossing the mind of the chicken hobbyist on the ocean in recent days.

In this post, we have outlined the most detailed information about the history and origin of cream legbar birds, physical characteristics and some of the reasons why the breed is loved by many people around the world.

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Legbar Chicken Breed Information

Cream legbar bird is one of the most successful breeds that was developed at Cambridge University by Professor Michael Pease and Professor R.C. Punnett.

Getting this wonderful breed of chicken was not an easy task during that time. The two gentlemen decided to cross the breed of South American Araucana and a gold penciled Hamburg.

The process took several cross-breeding and back breeding until they were able to obtain a cream-colored bird known as cream legbar chicken.

The recessive gene of the cream bird came into existence in 1947 at the London dairy show. The bird was then imported to the United States which is the world’s most consumer of chicken due to the vast population of people.

Characteristics of Legbar Chicken


The wattles are red and the comb has six points. Both the female and male chicken has a crest which does not fall forward. The eyes of the breed are reddish in color while the earlobes are cream or sometimes white.

These are autosexing breeds which imply that it is quite easy to differentiate between female and male chicks at their tender age.

The female chicks have visible dark chipmunk stripe down the back while the male chicks have less visible stripes on the back.

Egg production

These chickens are the most egg layers in the world. They lay light blue eggs that are of medium size at an average of 5 eggs per week. The broodiness of the birds differs due to different strains people are keeping.

Temperament and Behavior

Cream legbar are docile and friendly. You can easily manage them in the backyard coop since they are sociable with other flocks. Unfortunately, roosters are aggressive during breeding and mating season.

Size and Weight

The breed of chickens is usually light in size. The male weighs about 7.5 lbs and the female weighs 6lbs. The birds have a triangular shaped body with a flat back.

Reasons to Love Legbar Chicken

Highly Profitable

Cream legbar are good layers and they can lay a lot of eggs per month. This is the reason why many folks like rearing them especially if the eggs are for commercial purposes. Breeding and selling the chicken breed is so profitable since the breed is even rare.

No health complications and special care

Something good about the breed is that they are not susceptible to any form of health problems. This makes it easy to manage and care for the flock. The only problem that needs to be checked regularly is the presence of mites and lice in the crest.

Suitable for any climate

The breed of chicken can survive in any type of climate without any complications. They, in fact, lay a lot of eggs during winter. However, it is recommended to provide adequate housing and shelter for them.

Low maintenance

The breed is a good forager and in case you have a big compound for them to patrol then the chance of them feeding on the artificial feeds is much low. If they eat then it is usually in small quantities. This makes them be loved by many chicken hobbyists in the United States.

Health Issues and Special Needs

The breed of chicken has good health history but there might be little health complications that can easily be handled without a vet.

You should regularly check the crest of the bird since it is dense with feathers for the presence of lice or mites. This will help to combat them at an early stage before they begin to spread.

Always introduce your female to roosters when they have matured since their skull is not well developed. The peaking on the skull during mating can damage the brain of the chicken due to injuries.


Leg bar chickens are great foragers and they can tolerate confinement. These features make the breed to be right for you. They have a low maintenance cost and they can also be kept while in urban or suburban areas.

The prestigious chickens have are readily available in almost all hatcheries in town and they are also affordable. In case you have this breed in your backyard, kindly share with us the stories in the comment box below.

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