Apocalypse Facts About Cornish Chicken

There is nothing good as raising your own chickens for meat in your homestead. You are able to know what your birds are fed. Cornish chicken is the greatest breed of all.

The dazzling colors of the bird make the stunning when compared to others in your yard. This breed of chicken can make your flocks stand out from others.

In this series of chicken breeds, you will explore more information about the history and origin of Cornish breeds, physical characteristics, and reasons why they are loved by many people across the world.

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History and Origin of Cornish Cross Chicken

The breed of chicken was developed and first bred in the county of Cornwall in England. The chicken was previously known as the Indian game.

The breed of chicken is mostly used for meat production in so many countries around the world in modern days.

Both the roosters and hens are heavy as well as fleshy making them suitable for meat production. In 1905, the breed of chicken was introduced in the American Poultry Association.

You should note that the name Indian game does not imply that it originated from Indian. This is the reason why it was changed to Cornish in 1910 to avoid confusion.

Characteristics of Cornish Breed

Size and weight

Cornish birds are large fowl in nature. The Cornish roosters weigh about 3.86 kg and hens weigh 2.57 kg. They are thick and fleshy making them suitable for meat.

Temperament and Behavior

These birds are generally aggressive in nature but they can easily be calmed down though they are friendly. Their docile behavior makes them suitable to be confined in case the yard is small in size for roaming.

Egg Production

Egg productivity for these chickens is medium and they can still supply about 200-300 eggs per year. In most cases, they also tend to be good layers when you are in need of adequate egg supply.

Ideal Climate

The birds are hardy in nature and they have the ability to withstand the cold winter season. This is the period where most hens go broody until the period elapses. You will need not to have adequate supply eggs during this period.

Reasons to Love Dark Cornish Breed

Good Looking Birds

The plumage arrangement and feather patterns make the breed of chicken very beautiful when compared to other breeds around the world. This is the reason why so many chicken hobbyists love them so much.

Suitable for Meat

Both the roosters and hens are thick as well as fleshy. This is the reason why so many Cornish birds are kept for meat purposes. The growing demand for chicken meat across the country is the reason behind the increase the Cornish breeds.

Gentle and Friendly

Though the birds are known to be aggressive after brooding, these chickens are generally calm and friendly to everyone. You can easily tame and handle them. They do tolerate confinement.

Robust Birds

The birds have genes derived from wild Indian game and this is the reason behind the hardy features among many of these breeds. If you are in need of a tough and hardy chicken breed then Cornish chickens are the perfect match for you.

Health Issues of Cornish Rock Chicken 

These birds are prone to parasites like lice and mites since they have dense feathers. You need to regularly check them in order to keep the parasites at bay.

The chickens do not perform well in cold weathers and it is recommended to provide adequate housing in order to protect them from cold frostbites.

However, these birds are still hardy to common poultry diseases and so far no common poultry diseases have been confirmed.


Do you want to improve the beauty of your backyard? Well, this is the right breed for you. Cornish chickens are good looking birds.

I have these breeds on my backyard and for sure they are great breeds of chicken to keep. I typically keep them for meat purposes though I also receive a good supply of eggs.

In case you happen to have these chickens on your farm, kindly share with us their stories in the comment form below and we will highly appreciate it. Thanks for being there for us.

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