Charming Information About Cochin Chicken

Cochin chicken breed is eye-catching and extra sweet. The bird has the reputation of seducing new folks into poultry keeping for a long period of time.

I have been a victim for a long time for the seduction and this prompted me to bring them into my backyard. I always find myself clued and attracted to this breed like every day.

The feather arrangement patterns and the general plumage shape cannot allow anyone to pass without putting across a positive remark.

In this post, you will discover some of the history and origin of Cochin, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are loved by many folks across the world.

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Cochin Chicken Breed Information

The breed of chicken was previously known as Cochin-china and they can into existence in the 1840s. The chicken breed was first bred in Vietnam which is a French colony in Asia.

The Original breed of Cochin looks different from what we are having today in our backyard. They used to be tall and rangy.

The breed was later imported to the UK in 1843 and it was given to Queen Victoria by Captain Edward Belcher. This was the beginning of the production of Cochin chicken breed in England.

The crossbreeding of Cochin and bantam breeds result in an exotic breed that tends to be resistant to diseases and produces a good number of eggs per month.

Characteristics of Blue Cochin Chicken Breed

Size and Weight

Cochin is generally large domestic birds. On average a Cochin rooster weighs about 5kg and a hen 4kg. This is what makes them be good for meat due to the thick and fleshy body.


Cochin chickens are ever calm and friendly. The rooster Cochin is known for being fairly mellow. The breed is not that aggressive as the others. This implies that they can tolerate confinement without causing trouble for other breeds.

Egg Production

The breeds are not known for being good layers despite being lucky to get between 150 and 180 eggs per year. The good news is that they tend to lay a lot of eggs even during winter.

The eggs are small to medium size and brown in colors as from what I usually see in their nest during egg collection. Exotic breeds tend to produce moderate to large size eggs when compared to the original breed.


Cochin chickens are large, round and fluffy breeds. The birds have feathers on the legs, toes, and feet. In case the bird is white, the feathers in this region tend also to be white.

Cochin chicken recognized variety is white, black, and buff, blue, golden laced, partridge, red, splash and silver laced. The feathers can curl outwards in case they are frizzled.

Reason to Love Cochin Chicken Breed

Fancy Breed

The breed is the best choice for a fancier culture that is rapidly developing in Western countries. This is due to their unique appearance and temperamental behavior. The breed also provides some of the catapult meat that you have never tasted anywhere.

Big and Attractive

The birds are generally big and beautiful. This first impression is what is attracting many poultry keepers from across the world. The arrangement of the plumage makes it even more stunning than other breeds I have in my backyard.

Gentle Giant

Regardless of their giant weight, these breeds are ever friendly and gentle as compared to other chicken breeds. They do show love even to other flocks and family members. This friendliness behavior makes them simple to handle and manage.

Robust Breed

The robust figures and fabulous feathers make them resist cold weather during winter. This is because the body can still produce and accumulate a lot of heat. In case you stay in a very cold climate then this is the best breed for you. But remember to provide adequate shelter and housing.

Suitable for Backyard

This breed of chickens is ever happy and they will make your day brilliant while at home. They have the ability to tolerate confinement since they are very sensitive to confinement.

Health Issues and Special Needs

Something funny is that Cochin is susceptible to obesity. The breed is too lazy and poor foragers thus they prefer to eat the feeds provided to them.

I recommend you ration the number of feeds given to them and even monitor their weight on a regular basis but this will be difficult especially if you have several flocks.

You should also inspect the fluffy feathers to check the presence of lice or mites on a regular basis in order to prevent the outbreak.

However, black Cochin chickens are strong breeds that can live for over 10 years without any form of health problems. This is the reason why I have been keeping them for a long period of time now.


In case you are in need of a chicken pet then Cochin is the best choice for you. Although they are not great layers, they tend to be fabulous for a lap and as a pet.

The catapult appearance makes them be adorable. They can easily be handled and managed by children due to their calmness behavior.

If you keep bantam Cochin chicken breed, kindly let us know their stories in the comment below or you can even reach us through the contact page.

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