Explosive Information About Chantecler Chicken

What does Chantecler mean? How many eggs do Chantecler chickens lay? These are some of the common questions people ask about when they hear about white or buff chantecler chicken breeds.

Well, chantecler breeds are great since they have distinctive features that help them to stand out from other breeds of chicken across the world.

In this series of list of chicken breed charts, you will discover the history and origin of chantecler chicken, physical characteristics and the reasons why they are popular around the world.

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History and Origin of Chantecler Chicken

Chantecler is a breed of chicken that originated in Canada. The breed was developed at around the 20th century by a great researcher Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac in Oka.

The breed is tough and strong since it can withstand cold weather. The breed was developed with the intention of increase dual-purpose breeds in the poultry farming industry.

Some of the common breeds of chicken that brought about chantecler chickens are Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte, White Plymouth Rock, Leghorns, and Cornish.

In the year 1921, the breed of chicken was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfections. Although the breed is rare in Canada now, it is popular across other countries.

Characteristics of Chantecler Chicken

Size and Weight

Chantecler breeds are large in size. It is a dual-purpose breed with the reputation of producing quality meat and eggs. The roosters weigh about 4.1 kg and hens about 2.9-3.4 kg.

Temperament and Behavior

The birds are calm and gentle in nature. This behavior gives them the ability to tolerate confinement and at the same time become friendly to the owners. They can also be managed and handled even by the beginners.

Ideal Climate

The breed of chickens is hardy and robust. These features enable them to do well in both cold and warm climates without any complications.


The chickens have no wattles at all but they have a small comb on the head. These features make them resistant to frostbites during cold winter. The chickens have yellow peaks and skin.

Egg Production

The hens are great layers and also good mothers. They lay a lot of eggs per year and they rarely go broody. The egg’s size ranges between medium to large. You should also note that they are great foragers.

Reasons to Love Chantecler Chickens

Low Maintenance Cost

The chickens are great foragers and good mothers to the chicks. This implies that they can roam around the yard feeding themselves and chicks with natural elements. They only consume little amount of artificial poultry feeds thus making them less costly as far as maintenance is a concern.

Gentle and Friendly

The birds are very calm and gentle. This is the feature that makes it easy to keep them with other flocks in the yard. They do not harass and pick others at all. They also show affectionate love to the owners by following them.

Great Egg Layer

The cross-breeding in advancement in the breed has helped to improve the amount of egg production in the chicken. In case you love eggs in your diet then this is the right breed of chicken for you.

Robust Chicken

The birds are hardy and tough making them suitable for both cold and warm climate. They are also rarely affected by common poultry diseases. Once vaccination is done they can stay for a long period of time with facing any health complications.

Health Issues of Chantecler Chicken

Chantecler chickens have tough and strong genes. These genes give them the ability to withstand any climate weather conditions.

I have kept the bird for a long period of time and during this period, I have never seen any health complications.

During cold winter, you only need to provide adequate housing and shelter for them in order to protect them from frostbites.


Chantecler is great breeds of chicken that are dual purpose. They produce the most delicious meat and quality egg supply to the poultry breeder. You can keep them for commercial purposes though they are becoming extinct in Canada.

In case you have the breeds in your farm, we will appreciate if you share their stories with us through the comment form below.

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