Slate Turkey: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Slate turkey is also known as a blue slate turkey. It is a domestic turkey breed that has a slate gray color plumage. The bird has another name that used to refer to it, such as lavender turkey. The number of this turkey breed has been decreasing gradually for several years until the kind has … Read more

Determining Turkey Gender: Steps On How To Sex Turkeys

determining turkey gender

Determining the turkey gender is somehow tricky if you are raising turkeys for the first time, but many expert breeders usually find it easy. Practice makes perfect. You can learn how to determine the sex of the turkey through regular exercise and also have a close relationship with these birds. Determining the sex of turkey … Read more

Turkey Feathers Colors: Ultimate Guide Identification

turkey feather colors

What are the favorite turkey feather colors? Let’s find out from the text. Turkeys are among the most popular birds in the world, and the gorgeous appearance of the feathers make them look stunning. The popularity of turkeys has made them be a lucrative business to venture into it, and the demand is usually high … Read more

Turkey Farming In India: Step By Step Guide

turkey farming in India

Commercial turkey farming in India is gradually growing despite facing stiff competition from a chicken farming business. The poultry market has already established its roots in the country earlier before independence. Turkey is known to produce lean meat that has natural flavors and tastes. These two features are the reason behind the gradual growth of … Read more

Turkey Farming Business: Is Turkey Farming Profitable?

turkey farming business

Do you want to start the turkey farming business? If yes, then count yourself lucky. I have highlighted a step by step guide on how to start a commercial turkey farm from scratch. You will have an opportunity to learn the meaning of turkey farming, to know how much do turkey farmers make, free-range turkey … Read more

Turkey Breeds Information: Ultimate Guide

Blue Slate Turkey breeds

There are so many turkey breeds available across the world. However, they are not as much as duck breeds and chicken breeds. The good thing is that there are various types of turkeys to choose from. Turkey breeds in the US are raised for meat production, decoration, pets, and even for egg production. Are you … Read more

Shocking Information About Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

broad breasted Bronze Turkey

Broad-breasted bronze turkey is the most popular breed among many American families and even the poultry hobbyist. The love for the table fowl is beyond measure and incomparable. The adorable breed shows affectionate love to the owner and even the pets in the homestead. Unfortunately, there is a lot of scant information about them all … Read more

Detailed Facts About Bourbon Red Turkey

bourbon red turkey

Is it Thanksgiving Day or Turkey Day? Do you know any methods of raising bourbon red turkey? The going seems to be tough but stick your eyes on the screen for a moment. A twisted question to taste your love for bourbon red breed. The fowl is incredible as a table fowl feast for the … Read more

Memorable Information About Midget White Turkey

midget white turkey

Midget white turkey is a great table fowl that every family around the world should give a taste. The flavors and the quality of meat are exceptional. The breed of fowls have scant information over the internet and a lot of hobbyists do not know how to breed them in their small farmyard. The extinction … Read more

Tantalizing Facts About Narragansett Turkey Breed

narragansett turkey

The new twist in Narragansett turkey farming business is causing a lot of ripples on the ocean. Many people are into the business to meet the high demands of the turkey meat during Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, most of the poultry hobbyist have little knowledge about the breed and this is the reason behind unsuccessful turkey … Read more