Quail Farming

japanese quail

Japanese Quail: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

Japanese quails are the most common species of quails in East Asia. They have adorable colors and meaty body parts.
California quails

California Quails: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

California quails are small living wild birds that belong to the New World quail family. They are typically considered to be exciting and entertaining...
differences between male and female quail

Differences Between Male and Female Quail

It is quite easy and straightforward to tell the difference between male and female quail. However, you will be expected to wait for...
advantages of quail farming

Advantages of Quail Farming: 8 Crucial Advantages

Advantages of quail farming are quite many apart from the one listed in the article. The popularity of quail farming is growing gradually across...
king quail

King Quail: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

The king quails are the smallest among the quail species, and they tend to have exciting physical features. These...
northern bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

Northern Bobwhite quail is a member of New World quails, and it is known to be a ground-living bird. It is also known...
quail farming business plan

Quail Farming Business Plan: Business Template

Quail farming business is gaining popularity across the world gradually day by day. If you intend to start this noble venture, then you’re expected...
quail farming in India

Quail Farming in India: How to Start Quail Farming

Commercial quail farming in India is a lucrative venture, and it is since as an alternative source of income as well as an...
quail farming in nigeria

Quail Farming In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Quail farming in Nigeria is gradually growing since it is regarded as the most profitable venture in the country. A lot of people...
quail feeding Information

Quail Feed Information: Quail Feeding Chart

Quails are exciting birds that are hardy and productive. Proper care and maintenance are likely to reduce in profitable business. Therefore,...