How to Start Quail Farming in Kenya


Quail farming in Kenya is gradually growing both in urban and rural areas. The demand for quail products has increased since many people are becoming conscious about their nutritional value. The western part of Kenya was the first region to begin quail farming, but it was for own consumption only. However, commercial quail farming sprouts … Read more

How to Tame Quails: No Bullshit Guide

how to tame quails

If you want to raise quails as pets, then it is essential to know about taming them. Quails are unique creatures, and they tend to tricky. Learning various methods on how to tame quails will make the work of raising them quite comfortable. In this text, you will learn step by step guide of taming … Read more

How To Care For Quail Chicks: Ultimate Guide

how to care for quail chicks

There are plenty of guides on how to care for quail chicks and this is an important thing to put into consideration. These tiny birds need special care and management in order to be regarded as a successful breeder. The general features make them be highly susceptible to harm and danger hence special care needed. … Read more

Hatching Quail Eggs: How to Raise Quail Chicks

hatching quail eggs

Hatching quail eggs and raising your own quail chicks is an interesting experience. Many novice quail breeders tend to find the entire experience joyful and fun. However, many novice breeders tend to make a lot of mistakes and end up ruining their entire project in the long run. The article provides detail information about hatching … Read more

Quail Nesting Boxes: All about Nesting Boxes

quail nesting boxes

Quail nesting boxes are ideal for laying eggs. You may also require these boxes for roosting and security purposes of your birds. Female quails love to lay eggs in a calm and comfortable environment. Providing these birds with quality nesting boxes will offer cozy comfort for them while laying eggs. In this article, you will … Read more

Japanese Quail: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

japanese quail

Japanese quails are the most common species of quails in East Asia. They have adorable colors and meaty body parts. If you’re thinking about starting commercial quail farming, then consider these species since they have a high reputation for producing meat and eggs. Read through the text to have a full understanding of the origin, … Read more

California Quails: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

California quails

California quails are small living wild birds that belong to the New World quail family. They are typically considered to be exciting and entertaining to raise them. If you’re planning to start a quail farm, then you’ve come to the right place. The article provides a detail description of this quail breed. You will be … Read more

Differences Between Male and Female Quail

differences between male and female quail

It is quite easy and straightforward to tell the difference between male and female quail. However, you will be expected to wait for a couple of three weeks to figure out their sex. At the age of three weeks, all the quail chicks usually have well-developed adult feathers, and this is the reason why it … Read more

Advantages Of Quail Farming: 8 Crucial Advantages

advantages of quail farming

The advantages of quail farming are quite many apart from the one listed in the article. The popularity of quail farming is growing gradually across the world. Many people are considering this type of farming since it is quite simple to start, and it has enormous profits in the long run as compared to other … Read more

King Quail: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

king quail

The king quails are the smallest among the quail species, and they tend to have exciting physical features. These quail species are also known as Asian Blue quail, Blue-Breasted quail, Chinese Painted quail and Chung-Chi. The text provides detailed information about the history, origin, characteristics, and pictures of the quail species. History & Origin of … Read more