Indian Runner Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

indian runner duck

Indian runner ducks have unusual behavior and striking features that make them look awesome in the backyard. Wadding seems to give them the ability to do many things. The unusual-looking domestic ducks are among the ancient duck breeds that are becoming popular in recent days. The birds look like penguins since they are ever erected.  … Read more

Hook Bill Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

hook bill duck

Hookbill duck is also known as Dutch Hookbill duck. The breed of domestic duck is among the ancient birds in the world. The dusky ducks have some unique and striking features that make them stand out from other breeds of ducks. It is the reason behind why so many breeders are looking for hookbills for … Read more

Elizabeth Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

elizabeth duck

Elizabeth duck is a distinct domestic duck breed though it has some similarities to the Welsh Harlequin duck especially the feather coloring. The duck breed is rare, and it is the reason behind scarce information over the internet. Getting Elizabeth ducks for sale seems complicated in recent days. In this post, you will learn information … Read more

East Indies Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

east indies duck

East Indies duck is a domestic breed that is also known as black East Indies duck. The kind looks adorable, and it has some striking appearance. However, they are among the rarest breed of ducks to be domesticated by people, and they are mainly used for exhibition, ornamental purposes as well as kept as pets. … Read more

Crested Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

crested duck

Crested duck is a breed of domestic ducks. The duck breeds have been around for a couple of years. They are therefore considered to be among the ancient and traditional kinds of ducks still existing. The information about the breed of duck is quite scarce, and this is the reason why they are not popular … Read more

Call Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

call duck

Call duck is a breed of duck that belongs to the bantam class, and they are typically raised as pets or for decoration. The birds are smaller in size when compared to other breeds of ducks, but they tend to have similar characteristics. In the past, the ducks were used for hunting where they call … Read more

Australian Spotted Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

australian spotted duck

Australian spotted duck is among the top rarest domestic ducks in the world today despite their beauty and adorable behavior. The primary purpose of the duck breed is for the exhibition. The research shows that about less than 1000 birds still exist since its discovery. The American livestock conservancy experts have listed the breed of … Read more