Duck Farming

Shetland Ducks

Shetland Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

Shetland duck is a domestic duck breed that is considered to be rare in the wild. The duck breed is small in size, but...
ancona duck

Ancona Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Raising Ancona ducks is quite captivating. The Ancona duck is a beautiful, friendly, and excellent forager. It is among the rare dual-purpose duck in...
silver appleyard duckssilver appleyard ducks

Silver Appleyard Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Silver Appleyard duck is a British domestic duck. I have tried breeding a good number of duck breeds, but Appleyard ducks prove to be...
swedish blue duck

Swedish Blue Duck: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

Swedish blue duck is known for its unique coloring and appearance. The birds are quite adorable and charming. The blue color and...
welsh harlequin duck

Welsh Harlequin Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

Welsh Harlequin duck is a hatching champion. It is the attribute behind their popularity among many breeders. The...
indian runner duck

Indian Runner Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Indian runner ducks have unusual behavior and striking features that make them look awesome in the backyard. Wadding seems to give them...
hook bill duck

Hook Bill Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Pictures

Hook bill duck is also known as Dutch Hookbill duck. The breed of domestic duck is among the ancient birds in the...
elizabeth duck

Elizabeth Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Elizabeth duck is a distinct domestic duck breed though it has some similarities to the Welsh Harlequin duck especially the feather coloring.
east indies duck

East Indies Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Purpose

East Indies duck is a domestic breed that is also known as black East Indies duck. The kind looks adorable, and it...
crested duck

Crested Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

Crested duck is a breed of domestic ducks. The duck breeds have been around for a couple of years. They are therefore...