Orpington Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

orpington duck

Orpington duck is also known as Buff Orpington Duck. It is a domestic duck breed for the production of both meat and eggs. The adorable dual-purpose duck has a piece of scant information about them over the internet despite hitting the market for over some decades ago. The article provides information about the history, origin, … Read more

Pekin Ducks: Origin, Characteristics & Production

pekin ducks

Pekin ducks are domestic duck breed primarily known for the production of both eggs and meat. The duck breed has several names such as white duck, American duck, and Long Island duck. These names have brought a lot of confusion among many potential breeders, and this is the reason why it is even misspelled as … Read more

Pomeranian Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Productivity


Pomeranian duck has a lot of facts, and many breeders across the world keep reading them to familiarize themselves with the duck breed. The duck has the same ancestral origin as the other northern duck breeds of Europe such as Swedish blue duck and Shetland duck. The article provides detailed information about the history, origin, … Read more

Rouen Ducks: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Picture

rouen ducks

Rouen ducks are heavyweight domestic ducks. The ducks have appealing plumage suitable for decoration or exhibition. The ducks are typically raised for meat production, but they are regarded as dual-purpose breed though they are not prolific in egg production. The article provides insights about the history, origin, physical characteristics, and uses as well as care … Read more

Saxony Ducks: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

saxony ducks

Saxony ducks are the most recognized domestic ducks in the world. The ducks come in many beautiful colors, and it is the reason why they are most loved. The article provides information about the history, origin, characteristics, uses, and pictures of this domestic duck breed. Let’s jump in. History & Origin of Saxony Ducks The … Read more

Shetland Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

Shetland Ducks

Shetland duck is a domestic duck breed that is considered to be rare in the wild. The duck breed is small in size, but there is a lot of misinformation and contradiction about the duck breed. Currently, there are no club or associations that are breeding the duck breed at the moment. However, few farmers … Read more

Ancona Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

ancona duck

Raising Ancona ducks is quite captivating. The Ancona duck is a beautiful, friendly, and excellent forager. It is among the rare dual-purpose duck in the world today. There is extensive information about the duck breed, but most of it is speculative. Many breeders have no clue about the exact origin of the duck breed. The … Read more

Silver Appleyard Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Uses

silver appleyard duckssilver appleyard ducks

Silver Appleyard duck is a British domestic duck. I have tried breeding a good number of duck breeds, but Appleyard ducks prove to be my true love. The ducks are funny and easy to manage, either in small or large flocks. The adorable behavior and appearance are what make them stand out from others. The … Read more

Swedish Blue Duck: Origin, Characteristics, Uses & Pictures

swedish blue duck

Swedish blue duck is known for its unique coloring and appearance. The birds are quite adorable and charming. The blue color and white bib running from the bill downwards the breast make them distinctive from other duck breeds. The post provides detailed information about the history, origin, physical characteristics, and uses of the duck breed … Read more

Welsh Harlequin Duck: Origin, Characteristics & Care

welsh harlequin duck

Welsh Harlequin duck is a hatching champion. It is the attribute behind their popularity among many breeders. The desire to increase the number of birds in the farm happens to be the reason why they are highly valued across the world. The duck breeds have unique features that make them also to be adorable. The … Read more